Black Cat Appreciation Day

Black Cat Appreciation Day

Today is the day we celebrate black cat love and appreciate the gorgeous panfurs we know and admire. It is a day to promote positive black cat awareness.

Wait! Should we call it national black cat appreciation day? Or international national black cat appreciation day? Well, whatever you call it, we hope you will love our cat lovers celebration of this special day.

Black Cat Love Rules!

Black Cat Love

Because of superstitious beliefs in some cultures, black cats are sometimes associated with bad luck and, sadly, are more likely to be put to sleep or wait a long time to be adopted from shelters.

Black Cat Appreciation Day was launched to show people that a black cat could be the perfect cat for them, and help raise awareness about black cats in general. – DotY

Black Cats Tell All

Top For Black Cat Love

You MUST grab a copy of this gorgeous book edited by Layla Morgan Wilde.

So many black cats contributed to this substantial book that it will keep you absorbed for a hours and days and weeks! No. we are not just saying that either. Its world cat day every day somewhere, and black cats are totally unique.

This is a book of superb quality and will be the purrfect gift for any cat lover with its stories of love, rescue and adventure as well as superb and loving pictures.

Black Cat Love Place for Cats Black Cats
Meet Mulan and Merida from Place for Cats Foster network, NYC

Black Cat Love with Place for Cats

Mulan and Merida (see the above picture) were adopted from Place for Cats. They were part of a family of four black cats adopted by one single couple in 2017. Now there is a family who with a lot of black cat love.

Place for Cats is our adopted NYC foster network in the USA. we are proud to work with on blog content and promotion.

Black Cat Appreciation Day 2018

What you can do to promote black cats in a positive way:

  • Politely disagree with anyone voicing negative opinions. They are the same as any other cat. One crazy Pope blamed them hundreds of years ago – still the label sticks. This is wrong and it stinks!
  • Black cats bring you luck. My mum had a wedding charm to carry up the aisle and it was a silver horseshoe with a black cat nestled in it!
  • “Put your lab coat and goggles on: Researchers at the National Institutes of Health discovered that the genetic mutations that cause cats to have black coats may offer them some protection from diseases.” – Spruce Pets
  • Adopt a black cat FIRST. They are less likely to be adopted due to fear and ignorance. Fight this ignorance, adopt a black cat into your family today.
  • If you can’t so that, sponsor a black cat at a local shelter. Let them know Black Cats Matter!

To anyone who has shelter black cat love, Thank You. You have saved a life that might have had no hope, due to human failure, human lack of knowledge and stupidity. Yeah, we said it, we think people who hate black cats are stupid.

So support your local black cats today on Black cat Appreciation Day 2018. Be Black and Proud kitties!

Phoebe the Black Cat
from the Dash Kitten Crew
Phoebe close up at Dash Kitten








  1. I have always LOVED black cats, I think they’re the most sleek beautiful kitties! Being a New Yorker, for us Black is always in fashion!! One of my favorite works of art is the Chat Noir portrait. Thanks for this great post, and for pointing out that the color black in cats is genetic.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  2. Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day, sweet friends! It’s true … Black Cats ROCK! Of course, we are slightly biased … we love our housepanthers Gracie and Ava, and our Angel Zoe. 🙂

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