The Dash Kitten Crew present our Hobbit review of the Bilbo Baggins’ Costume from The Hobbit movie.

An integral part of our blog here at Dash Kitten is celebrating the culture of our adopted home country, although we think that Dash might’ve had issues dragging Bilbo’s amazing Sting around! Welcome to another stop on the Hobbit Costume Trail. Although the ‘live’ costume tour has now finished, we present for your enjoyment, the superb costume of character – Bilbo Baggins who goes adventuring in J R R Tolkien’s The Hobbit.

Bilbo Bggins Costume Detail

Bilbo Baggins’ Costume Photo Notes

When we photographed it, the costume for Bilbo was situated at the building formerly known as Kirkauldie and Staines (now David Jones), Wellington. As it was in the middle of the brightly lit ladies wear department, it proved a challenge to photograph, but we managed some good shots of the genuine costume worn by Martin Freeman in The Hobbit. You can even see the dirt on the hem of his robe!

Bilbo Baggins Mithral Vest
Highly details image of Bilbo’s Mithral vest, Green Line waistcoat and Blue velvet coat

Notes on the fabric and embellishment of Bilbo Baggins’ Costume :-

  • Bilbo’s outer coat is a blue velvet/velour lined in textured grey (linen?) with what appears to be a fringe of sheepskin around the collar. Also note the very impressive (genuine) dust, dirt and grime along the hem of the jacket! Full length image at the bottom of this post.
  • The cuffs mirror the fringing around the collar.
  • The belt is leather and the surface decoration looks hand tooled.
  • The Mithril vest looks perfect. It sparkles and gleams. Check the chainmaille fabric and superb embellishment! 
Bilbo Baggins Costume from The Hobbit
Close-Up of the Coat Front, Collar Detail, Linen Waistcoat and Mithril Vest 
  • Under the Mithril is a simple collarless linen shirt in a pale oatmeal colour.
  • The plain green waistcoat looks like linen and it fastens with the genuine Weta Workshp Brass Buttons with an acorn motif.
  • The Hobbit trousers are a light tan corduroy, cropped even on (Martin Freemen. (Martin is not a tall actor.)
  • Note the leather ‘brace’ or loop (below) that keeps Sting from swinging dangerously.
Bilbo Baggins Costume from The Hobbit
Bilbo Baggins Costume Rear View – Leather Tooled Belt and Sword Restraining Loop.
  • We hope you love Bilbo Baggins cosstume as much as we do. Check out the rest of our series of Hobbit Costumes here.

Harvey Button
Bilbo Baggins’ Costume Reporter
Middle-Earth Correspondent 
Harvey Middle Earth Monday Correspondent





Bilbo Baggins' Costume Full Length




8 thoughts on “Bilbo Baggins Hobbit Clothes

  1. Wow, how pawsome! *studies pics intently* Such thought and detail. The costumes are eggsactly how I imagined Bilbo to be dressed. Purrfeck. This post had Nan travelling down memory lane, Harvey. When you mentioned Kirkauldies, you reminded Nan that she worked for the DIC department store during school holidays in 1978. It was located in Lambton Quay near Kirkauldies. She had a look online and see that Kirkauldies now owns the DIC building. She also Google earthed it – how things have changed!

  2. harvey…manee thanx ta yur mum for sharin thiz fotoz….way kewl that itz up close like thiz…de detailz total rockin !!! stuff like thiz ya canna see on de mewvie even if ya haz mega soooper high definationz !!! inn deed we could kleer lee see de belt !! heerz two a flagfish N false cat shark kinda week oh end XXX

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