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Azog the Defiler Costume: Bring the Orc Lord to Life

Meet Azog the Defiler, known as the Pale Orc. He is one of the biggest and most terrifying characters in Middle-Earth and the Lord of the Rings movies. When the Hobbit Costume trail displayed costumes and this model from the Hobbit movie I went along with my little compact (pre-DSLR days!)

I was not able to take too many pictures of the giant sized model of Azog but I hope you can see plenty of detail.

Azog The Hobbit

Azog the Pale Orc

We think big in Middle-Earth and they don’t come any bigger than Azog the Defiler from the Hobbit movies. His hatred of dwarves is legendary and he took part in the Battle of Azanulbizar the last battle between the Orcs and the Dwarves in the Third Age of Middle Earth.

While the original Azog was created using computer graphics, The Hobbit white orc actor is Manu Bennett a very tall and broad Kiwi. His performance is subsequently enhanced with motion capture technology. You can see how this is done in the Weta video at the top of this post.

Azog the Defiler The Hobbit Costume Trail
This Fibreglass Statue Was Made for the Hobbit Costume Trail

It has been created by artists from Weta Workshop. It is based on the digital original, and you can get some idea of the impact this giant dwarf slayer might have caused as you stand to look up at him.

The statue of Azog was originally on the Level 2 foyer at Te Papa Museum in Wellington. On the plinth, he stands 3.5 metres, (about 11.5 feet) tall. There is a lot of costume detail such as footwear and weaponry. Also, take a look at his grim loincloth, there look some very unhappy dwarf faces there!

Azog the Defiler The Hobbit Costume Trail

Who was Azog the Defiler?

Azog was chief of the Orcs of Moria and there is a line of history linking Thorin to the giant orc. Thror, one of Thorin’s ancestors was killed by Azog and this began the War of the Dwarves and Orcs. This conflict reverberated down through Middle-Earth time to the Battle of the Five Armies.

Azog the Defiler Features:

  • Leather boots/foot protectors
  • Loincloth made from victims heads
  • Weapon arm, Weapons
  • Fibreglass Figure

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  1. Mom L made it to the theater to see the movie! Loved it! Can’t wait to visit The Shire in NZ

  2. Mum would love to see all that stuff ! She’s a fan of Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit : she read the books, she watched the movies, and re-read the books ! Purrs

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