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Cute Kittens from AvertingCATastrophe Rescue

We have cute kittens! Yes, no shame here on the Dash Kitten blog! Mum went to Blogpaws® and all she saw were….. No wait that’s wrong she already reported on Kansas City, and Blogpaws. Now its the kittens’ turn. We celebrate a small rescue on Brian’s blog hop for Thankful Thursday this week. Meet two rescue kittens from AvertingCATastrophe in the Dallas Forth Worth area of Texas. AvertingCATastrophe are focused primarily on saving cats/kittens from euthanasia at local shelters in the DFW area. We placed over 500 cats and kittens in 2015, and 702 cats and kittens in 2016 alone! Meet Two AvertingCATastrophe Kittens Cori (@TheLittle_Dude) and colleague Connie arrived to BlogPaws toting a pair of the most gorgeous rescue kittens. I was lucky enough to be able to visit them with Dash Dad Paul and I took the pictures you see here. It was wonderful to meet Cori again after … Continue reading Cute Kittens from AvertingCATastrophe Rescue

The Sparkling Cat Filter Style

Today’s Sunday Selfie is a beautifully sparkling cat mum got for Christmas. She is from Swarovski and sparkles wonderfully. As we join the Kitties Blue for the selfies we thought we would try a little filter fun for some magical colour. Filters are great for movies as well as still photographs, so if you use a movie app, check to see if it has some fun filters you can use. Thanks to our selfie friends we are discovering filters can be a lot of selfie fun! We used the Supernova filter and the Metallic texture both from the piZap iphone app. Tomorrow is New Year’s Day here so we look forward to seeing you then to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Finally, for Miss Janet, Harvey includes his latest selfie! He posed especially for this one! Happy New Year Miss Janet. See you next year! Marjorie and the Dash … Continue reading The Sparkling Cat Filter Style