Tabby On A Rainy Tin Roof! #Snapshot

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One of the important things I learned on a photo course I took as a beginner a few years ago was to shoot up at something as it empowers your subject. When I saw a photo opportunity this week, posed high up, of course I grabbed my camera and carefully stepped out into the garden. What had I seen? A tabby on rainy tin roof!

Having said that, one of my most popular posts of 2021 was about shooting photographs downwards and how this can make your cat photos stand out as special. Cats can get away with anything as a model can’t they?

Tabby – ISO 800 250mm f6.3 1/320

Grabbing A Tabby On A Rainy Tin Roof Opportunity!

The house next to ours is further up the hill so everything is raised; first the driveway and garage, and then the steps back up to the house.

This shot shows the tabby perched on a corner of the high garage roof. Typically, as I stepped out to take a photo it began to shower and you can see the raindrops. I had to keep my fingers crossed that I didn’t get my lens wet when I moved quietly around to a good position for a better shot. I carefully raised my camera and adjusted the telephoto lens.

Back at the computer, I have gently lifted some of the colour from the green hosepipes you may be able to see beside kitty. It looked pretty horrible before and softening it looks a lot better. This was my best view of the gorgeous tabby cat.

Fast shutter speeds are generally used to reduce time and freeze the moment. For example, in wildlife photography, fast shutter speeds are used to capture a bird flying in the sky.

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A Note On Tabby Cat Settings

If you look below the tabby you can see that the ISO is 800 which is quite high (this means it was darker than I expected) and the speed I needed to get a resonably sharp shot was 1/320. This enabled me to avoid any camera shake as I held the heavier 55-250mm lens.

Have you taken an upward looking photo that surprised you?

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People often forget that a pet does not need to face the camera for the image to catch the viewer’s eye…..

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