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Auction for Austin Pets Alive

Austin Pets Alive (APA), our chosen charity for our recent auction, is helping the shelter pets who would otherwise be destroyed by shelters unwilling or unable to transport them to safety from Hurricane Harvey.

What Makes Us Think We Can Help?

If you are not familiar with the fundraising work Dash Kitten has done previously, we have participated, and run Twitter parties to fundraise for rescues and colleagues in need. Regular readers will also remember our auction for Bootsie, an abandoned cat in constant pain due to a severe ear infection. We helped one cat then. We aim to help more cats and dogs now.

Harvey Tells You Why ‘Auction for Austin Pets Alive’

Austin Pets Alive is transporting hundreds of ‘at risk’ cats and dogs to safety and, with the help of dozens of fosters in the Austin area, keeping them safe. All of this is costing money, in spite of a lot of hard-working volunteers.  

We have help with the Auction too. Rochelle Epstein and her pup Layla are hosting the auction on their site. They are organised and experienced at hosting auctions, both for group and individually sold items. Items will be marked forAustin Pets Alive. Rochelle does NOT collect email addresses so you can bid safely on the Auction 4 Pet Supplies site.

We have also have co-hosts for our auction with a focus on the Facebook element Melissa and Mudpie from Melissa’s Mochas Mysteries and Meows. They are seasoned bloggers and will be a real asset for the week or so the auction runs.

Auction for Pets Alive The Nitty Gritty Details

  • If you are on Facebook we have an event page where questions can be asked, and items posted for inclusion to the auction.
  • Links to specific pages: Pet Charms,  Bracelets and Necklaces (bottom), Soaps and Tea Cosies,  Jewellery, 
  • The auction will run for approx. 7/10 days. Official Start 29th August.
  • Auction items will be hosted by Rochelle and Layla. Links will be shared on Twitter, FB and Google+ The images here are all auction links.
  • THERE WILL BE NO CHARGE FOR ITEMS AS THIS IS A RESCUE AUCTION. Thanks to Rochelle for this generous gesture.
  • Items will be going up over the next 24 hours ready for bidding to start and clearly marked as Auction for Austin Pets Alive.

If you would prefer to donate direct to Austin Pets Alive head right here!

Auction for Pets Alive
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29 thoughts on “Auction for Austin Pets Alive

  1. I want to contribute to Austin Pets but am having trouble with their paypal site. Will try again. That’s one of our favourite cities…and I’m from Houston. Terrible things there. But such good services for people and animals starting up!!!

  2. I’ve been getting FB updates from them and I’m very impressed with how their run their organization. I don’t know if the other Pets Alive spots – like San Antonio or Houston – have similar organizing styles but I appreciate a well oiled machine that can keep going even when pushed to the brink like they are now. It’s clear that for a rescue to be successful you need more than good intentions: you have to keep the fundraising element going and you need clear and consistent communication, and they have that going on.Thanks for supporting them!

  3. Such an awesome and selfless way to help the animals – we will definitely share (and make a donation)! I really want to convey how wonderful it is to have friends who not just wish they could help, but truly get involved – that speaks volumes to your generous spirit and integrity.

  4. I think this is fabulous! What a great way to help animals in need. It is awesome that Ruth (and Layla) are helping along with Melissa and Mudpie!

  5. Austin Pets Alive rocks! I have been following reports about their response to Hurricane Harvey. Several of our local animal welfare groups are organizing fundraisers, collecting supplies, and even offering foster homes to help. It’s a time when the best of humanity can shine.

  6. A wonderful event for those who need it most right now. Texas is so in need of anything we can do to contribute. I will be happy to share across my sites.

  7. The work you’re all doing to help save lives is truly inspiring. Well done for coming up with your amazing fundraising ideas, and making such a difference to so many animals in need.

  8. I love that you guys are working together to help! I will head over to the auction site and see if I can find a pet carrier that would work for Phoebe. I don’t have a lot to donate, we pretty much purged a ton of stuff when we moved but I’ll look again & see if I can find something!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  9. Thank you for sharing this! I just learned about this today. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to be in one of the flooded shelters. I’ve also heard in past catastrophes, people weren’t allowed to bring their pets inside the temporary shelters and I can’t even imagine having to choose shelter or your furbaby – even more need for housing and care.

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