Sunday Selfie at Arthur Bryant’s BBQ

Sunday Selfie at Arthur Bryant’s BBQ

We are posting a Sunday Selfie this week from our trip the BlogPaws conference. We join the Kitties Blue for a weekly exploration of pet fun, and touching base with our friends and celebrating friendship worldwide. We also celebrate the birthday of Allie of Friends Furever, the beautiful wife-cat of Mau.

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Before touching down at BlogPaws itself, Paul and I did some exploring in Kansas City. We discovered Fountain Day, and the famous tradition of barbecues. Which meant we discovered the delicious food found in places like Jack Stacks and Arthur Bryant’s.

At Arthur Bryant’s

We watched a giant sandwich being wrapped, huge sets of ribs being ordered, and helpful strangers helped us navigate the menu. We ended up with burnt ends and a small ribs as our meal.

From the picture you can see I managed to finish most of my meal then Paul took this picture. While the restaurant has a casual atmosphere with formica tables, the food is really good and the BBQ sauce famously delicious.

Arthur Bryant Kansas City Barbecue
Happy Sunday Selfies everyone.

It’s good to be back home and able to catch up with you all without running around like a crazy person.

The Dash Kitten Crew
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Happy Birthday Allie

Happy Birthday Allie from Dash Kitten

  1. I hear that is the best place for BBQ (my son has been to Kansas City a couple of times) And I am happy you are home. I bet you are too!
    Love Barb

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