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Arrow No Match for Tough Kitty Miranda

I have assembled a series of images that show the journey of Miranda, our tuxedo cat. She went from near fatal arrow injury to a position of growing strength and confidence after her arrow attack on 21st September 2023. I call her Mirna Victix (a female victor) The vet called her tough, and we feel we have to agree. Our resilient cat is a lucky survivor of an evil deed.

I have not shown the image of Miranda with the arrow from the crossbow in place as this would distress everyone far too much. The aim of this post (and little photo/video snippet) is to record her journey towards recovery and health. The series is a combination of smartphone and DSLR images because sometimes one was what I was holding at the time! It tells a story though and this is what matters.

The Dramatic Start

  • There are no images I can display of the headlong panicked rush trip to the After Hours surgery.

The first image shows Miranda wrapped in blankets on her way to our local vet surgery from the After Hours Emergency Vet Surgery.

The emergency service is based at Ngauranga Gorge on the road out of Wellington. She is heavily sedated and, thankfully the arrow wounds have been stitched up and she has been gently cleaned.

Back of a cat showing healing injury cut.

Miranda was quiet all the way to our local vet surgery where she was transferred to the kitten incubator to raise her temperature and see if she would be well enough to be taken home. Our local vet gave Miranda a thorough examination and read the extensive notes from Dr. Sally at the emergency vets.

closeup of a cat face looking at the camera

Recovery and Home

Miranda was pronounced recovered enough to be brought home at the end of a day at our local vets and she was fitted with a locally made protective collar to prevent her nibbling at her stitches. Below you can see the shaved area where her hair was removed. I know she was grumpty but, for us as panicked pet parents, seeing her looking so cute lifted our spirits a little.

Cat wearing a buster collar to prevent scratching of an injury on her shoulder

After a week of recovery with her collar on, Miranda was allowed to have it removed and she celebrated with some small pieces of smoked New Zealand salmon. We were able to send this cat photo to the emergency vets who were pleased with her progress. You can see the shaved patches from her surgery on her front paws. They look so pale and dramatic.

tuxedo cat licking her lips

As Miranda gained her strength she was able to climb on to the sofa and permitted us to give her a snuggle. The image below is one of those terrible photos I always tell you to keep, no matter how blurry it is. It is a precious memory of Miranda on the road to recovery. Her eyes still look slightly spaced out as she had a patch of Fentanyl attached to her tail as a slow release painkiller.

Getting Better!

Miranda slowly gained strength. She has been allowed to walk around the house to gain mobility and, on this day jumped up on to my chair, then my sewing table to help me finish a block of the month quilt from Quilters Lane (an online quilting store here in New Zealand). If you look beside Miranda you can see the swatches of quilt fabric on a printed sheet.

Cat looking t the camera beside a pile of books

This fun photographs show our little survivor is gaining more strength and confidence by the day. She is at the top of our favourite cat tree the Monkee Tree, which is made here in New Zealand. The platforms are quite wide so she is able to sit comfortably and look down at me!

Tuxedo cat at the top of a cat tree looking down at the photographer

Miranda Today

Our girl is recovering. She is a bit weak in one leg but confident enough to climb the low trees in the garden and enjoy a walk through the grass. Here you can still see the fur that is growing back on her front right leg and the shaved area on her back is looking slightly blacker! The dreadful wounds she suffered have healed and almost disappeared into her fur!

I hope you enjoy these images of Miranda enjoying Spring.

cat walks towards the camera through green grass

18 thoughts on “Arrow No Match for Tough Kitty Miranda”

  1. Oh, Miranda looks wonderful! And so great to see she’s stronger, I mean, the girl is up on top of the monkey tree! I still cannot believe this happened to her but so happy she is recovering so well. A true testament to the wonderful momma you are! Keep staying strong, Miranda! xo

  2. Miranda sure is a beautiful, tough cookie! And you are one amazing dedicated cat mama. I love your video, it’s great. I especially love the angle from below of her sitting so proud on her Monkey Tree. The very last couple of seconds where she bats her ball is just so priceless – what a perfect ending to that video! Love to sweet Miranda😽

  3. Miranda is a wonder and a true miracle cat! Hang in there Miranda, we all love you and want to see you fully recovered, with all your scars covered by your pretty furs.
    We are SO glad no one gave up on you. YOu are far too precious!

  4. So glad she is recovering !
    I am glad to find another advocate for never deleting a photo, even a bad one…you never know when it will be a treasured memory.

    • Yes Mary, I agree 100%. I know some of my photos of Dash Kitten from a decade ago are poor but they are all I have so they stay.

  5. We are so happy you are doing so good sweet Miranda and you’re looking wonderful. I do hope you’ll stay inside were there is zero change of an evil repeat.

  6. Miranda, you’re a true warrior ! We’re so, so glad you’re doing so well ! We cross our paws and hope the naughty person who did it will be caught and punished. Purrs

  7. miranda we iz buzzed happee ewe R doin sew well….continmewed blessingz frum St Francis two ewe for mor healthee
    and ree coveree AND…..EAT MOR SALMON !!! 🙂 ♥♥

  8. Miranda does indeed look so good now! I’m so happy she’s recovering! But what an ordeal for the poor cat, and for you! I hope there’s some way the horrible person who did this can be found, and that there are consequences.

  9. We are happy that Miranda is doing so well! Like Ellen, I would be so scared to let her go outside again until that sicko is caught.

  10. We are all so relieved Miranda is recovering from her ordeal!
    Have the Evil B@$tards who attempted to murder her been apprehended?

  11. I am so glad Miranda survived this. I think she used up all 9 of her lives on this. I would not let her outside ever again for safety. XO


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