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Architecture #52Assignments No. 23

Architecture #52Assignments No. 23

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This week’s 52 Assignments challenge is not one I can add cats to. This week it’s Architecture. Buildings, urban environments and the opportunities they can offer to you the photographer because even cat lovers need a change sometimes.

Why would you photograph buildings if you love cats and want to photograph them?

Easy. If you go on holiday, you are bound to visit locations that impress you that you want to share with social media friends! You might find more interesting buildings if you explore things like cultural centres, theatres or concert halls, like the Kauffman Centre, Kansas City but wherever you go, the world is different, so share it.

Architecture Kauffman Centre
Smartphone Photo – Kauffman Centre, Kansas City

The Architecture Assignment

The 52 Assignments book chapter includes a lot of useful suggestions about how to photograph buildings and what to pay attention to for the best results.

Take some ordinary ‘I am here’ shots as you wander through an area, then try something to make your Instagram feed look a bit different. An overcast midday kind of light is ideal (no shadows) for clean and simple shots that focus on uprights, or angles.

  • 52 Assignments Instagram has several light and location tips too to help, so check it out.
Architecture of Wellington's CBD
Wellington Waterfront Area – ISO 200 84 mm f/10 1/200

Find a corner of a town or city that you find visually interesting. Pay attention to the interplay of of lines and surfaces, and look for abstract images of walls, windows…….

Adam Juniper 52 Assginments – Instagram

You need to walk around your chosen building and remember not to just point and shoot but maybe crouch down or find an elevated viewpoint. Think higher and lower and remember to use all of the lenses you have (especially if you have a more recent smartphone). Many smartphone cameras now have a wide-angle lens (x1 or 0.5 zoom).

Many of the photos featured in this chapter in the book focus on dramatic closeups, lines and curves. Interestingly, they also use black and white or subtle monochrome shading to focus on the shapes, not the ‘location’ as a record. I love this mural from Kansas City, of Buck O’Neil first baseman and manager in the Negro American League. It’s not a close up but it is vivid and spectacular.

Architecture Kansas City
Smartphone Photo – Mural, Kansas City

The Architecture Tilt-Shift Lens

Professional photographers taking pictures of buildings use a specialised lens called a Tilt-Shift. A real estate agent might call on a photographer with this lens to ensure the building doesn’t look as though it is leaning! I am including a link, at the bottom of the post, as the lens is specialised but quite fun to read about. It’s also expensive at over $1,000 (US).

The upside? Instagram has a tilt shit function in its editing menu. Look for Edit when you reach the filter options.

Archtecture Hashtags

#architecture #architecturephotography also the town or city location, your personal hashtag.

Architecture Water Tower Silverstream, New Zealand
Silverstream Railway – ISO 100 50 mm F/10 1/160

Now you have some helpful tips on rather artistic shots you can add to your next holiday trip. If you need some inspiration then Joel Filipe on Instagram is a good place to start.

Photography and Lens Resources

The 52 Assignment Posts Details:

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10 thoughts on “Architecture #52Assignments No. 23”

  1. Love the photos and I always feel buildings have personalities that you show in your photos also, there is so much to take pictures of its mind boggling

  2. Thanks for taking the time to share this wonderful post with us. You always provide some really amazing tips. We are looking to travel soon after such a long time of not going anywhere on vacation and these will definitely help us out. Have a fantastic rest of your day.

  3. Too bad you couldn’t find a building with a cat in the window, lol. Lovely photos though! I really didn’t love my time living in the city, but I tried to make the best of it. Things like buildings that most people don’t usually think of as being beautiful can actually look quite lovely if the photo is taken the right way.

  4. It really is difficult to get good photos of buildings and the like. I remember when I was traveling there were museums and other interesting bits I wanted to capture and when the film was developed I was always at a loss at my results. Seems I was 30+ years off or I would have been digital. Sigh

  5. Go to Japan! I have seen lots of cat themed images from over there… Ithink they all are in love with cats, there.

    I know what you mean about the leaning towers and tall buildings…I have lots of them in my ‘collection’! But at least I have the good memories of those places.

    When I was in Europe, and when I lived on the East Coast of Canada, I took my (little Olympus Trip, and a small Canon) camera everywhere…and those were the days of film, no digital inventions as yet, back then. (1976/7)

    Who knows what I will record if I go traveling again…with digital you can take oodles…LOL! My sister says I am nuts, but I maynot ever get to see those places for my self another time…so I click away!

  6. Those were all really interesting and such nice photos too! Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


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