Charlie Tripod Kitten

Animates Angels Meet Charlie the Tripod

As part of Adopt a Cat Month, and following on from our exclusive report about Animates Angels in New Zealand, we are thrilled to present local NZ boy Charlie, a tripod kitten. Charlie is now at the Albany store of Animates NZ and has quite a story to tell.

Charlie was found by children on their way to school with his back leg sticking out in a funny way. The NZ SPCA collected Charlie and took him to a local vet.  It turned out the break was an old one and it had healed badly. Now comes the tough part ……

The SPCA investigated Charlie’s background and found that the break had been made intentionally, by his family 🙁 Yes, we had to stop and take a breath at this point, but the news gets much better.

Charlie is now getting around fantastically well and healing very nicely. He is arriving at Animates Albany store in Auckland on the 5th of June and is such a charmer I doubt he will be waiting long for a loving home.

For an insight into what a triPAWd might might be like check out this post about a tripod cat, his life and times. I share just one small quote “many special needs pets, such as blind pets, three-legged pets, etc. don’t require very much extra care at all and are, in fact, one of a kind in a way that a normal animal isn’t.

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