Animates Angels Disabled Pets Grab the Adoption Spotlight

Animates Angels Disabled Pets Grab the Adoption Spotlight

With 9 fussy cats to feed we need to buy a lot of Fancy Feast, so Mum heads to local pet superstore Animates who are friendly, helpful and go the extra mile for pets and people. We introduce Animates Angels.

They have some Exciting and Innovative news for NZ pet folk!

What’s the buzz? OK, some time ago Animates began to work with Royal New Zealand SPCA shelters across New Zealand on the Saving Lives scheme, focusing especially those rescues in remoter areas who did not have the advantage of the busy foot traffic of a major pet shop. The aim was to help get those animals into homes so the NZSPCA shelters could continue to save lives.

  • So far the initiative has hit 7,000 lives saved, and the number climbs each day!


Mala And Jared Animates
Proud Jared and Mala the Blind Kitten, the very first Animates Angel. (Thanks to Mum Tracy for the wonderful picture).

On our last visit we spotted the recently introduced simple and effective colour code that helps match a kitten/puppy temperament with the right owner or family, and staff member Jason at Animates, Lower Hutt explained a further development within the Saving Lives scheme.  On the list of colours was one marked “Animates Angel“.  We were intrigued, so Jason explained…….

Animates Angels was a new initiative to bring disabled pets into the stores

I had to find out more, so approached Animates NZ via their Facebook page, I was able to contact Nikki Marchant-Ludlow who told me lots about the Animates Angels scheme, and its beginnings:-

I knew that we had one store who would embrace the concept (of Animates Angels) and decided to go with special need kittens/cats first – Taupo had been the first shelter to trial and get on board with the (earlier) Animates Mates Matcher programme and so I approached them and the store about my idea – they loved it.

“We agreed to trial Mala (a blind young cat) and so she made her way from Taupo to Animates Silverdale (Auckland, North Island) where Lesley and the team worked their magic and found her the most perfect home.”

Nikki tells me she is thrilled at the successful adoption of Mala by Jared and his family.  His mum Tracey is delighted for us to show this magical and wonderful image of Jared and Mala, with whom he has formed a strong bond. The family are proud of their disabled cat, and the relationship that is growing between boy and cat. I am told the programme programme is rolling out, we believe it is being done slowly and steadily so Animates gets it right, and keeps the health and welfare of the animals front and centre.

Many of our readers know that disabled pets totally rock, and we applaud such a fantastic initiative to bring disabled pets into the Animates spotlight!

Miranda Kitten
Miranda Kitten Image






  1. This absolutely warms my heart and makes me all smily!!!
    What an amazing program. We wish them continued success in finding purrfect matches like Jared and Mala.

    How wonderful that you are covering this too! We look forward to hearing more.

    Glogirly & Katie recently posted…Katie, Katie, KatieMy Profile

  2. grate post two day guys N conga ratz two ewe Mala on yur for evers home…..Animates Angels izza a wonder full project
    N we wish them de best oh fishes for manee manee manee MANEE yeerz ta come ?????

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