Appreciate the Moments 2018 Summer

Sunshine on a Winter’s Day Camera Practice

Our Selfie with the Kitties Blue this week is a Two-fer. Miranda and Dot Kitten were enjoying some downtime on a sunny afternoon last week. It was almost like a Spring day, right in the middle of our winter, weird but we were glad to see it. It meant outdoor camera practice time. It is not one of my best DSLR practice pictures! It is over exposed (too light) and Dot is almost as pale as the background. The two cats were looking intently at one of the other family members wandering out of camera shot. So, the lesson I learned from this picture as a newbie? Be aware of how powerful the light can be, and check my camera settings. New Zealand’s light is a lot stronger than Europe and much of the USA’s, did you know that? Dot is a rich tabby colour, but the sunshine leached out … Continue reading Sunshine on a Winter’s Day Camera Practice