An Unexpected Party with Wellington On A Plate

An Unexpected Party with Wellington On A Plate

An Unexpected Party was on the agenda for Mum here in Wellington, the middle of Middle Earth. The annual “Wellington on a Plate” food festival has been in full swing, and restaurants and bars have been focusing on presenting unique fixed price menus using local ingredients, with a special gourmet burger challenge; special events have been held around themes like whiskey, making dumplings, amazing ice creams, coffee, and Hobbits

Tickets to an Unexpected Party

Mum was lucky to get tickets to this one very special event “The Hobbit” themed  ‘An Unexpected Party‘ which was to be held at the superbly refurbished Roxy Cinema in the suburb of Miramar. Miramar is also home to Weta Workshop, and Weta Digital who worked on the Hobbit.  The event sold out fast but Mum managed to grab a pair of late tickets * phew *.

She and Dad arrived at the cinema and had to go upstairs through a special Hobbit door up to the specially decorated lounge. Talk about feeling amazing as she walked past the ‘private event’ sign and handed over the tickets, Woohoo!

An Unexpected Party Mum confronts a Dwarf!
Mum scares the Dwarf!

Mum takes up an Unexpected Party Story

“We were greeted by an armoured ‘dwarf’ as we headed up the staircase into the room decked out with genuine Lord of the Rings Hobbiton party bunting, a trestle table that has been in all of the films, and many art works from Weta around the walls. We had Hobbit film music playing in the background too. There was a display case showing many of the modeled figures from Weta and a whole crowd of eager diners were ready to sample Hobbit fare.

An Unexpected Party Weta display of superb figures.
Weta display of Hobbit figures.

Delicious mulled cider was being warmed and served under a genuine Hobbit tent, and there was a slide show of sketches and photographs of Shire folk (and a few dwarves!). Mum had the honour of being the first person to turn her mulled cider pink by popping a cloud of pink candy floss into her glass – pouff it disappeared and became pink mulled cider!

An Unexpected Party Mulled Cider beneath the Hobbit Tent!
Mulled Cider beneath the Hobbit Tent for Dad!

An Unexpected Party – The Food Report!

The food was utterly deliciously perfect Hobbit fare. Chunks of good hard cheese, fine dark bread, deliciously perfect handmade pork pies, flavoursome home pickled onions and relish, a range of superb sweets including Parkin, Treacle Tart, and Seed Cake. There was enough to keep any hungry Hobbit happy!

The special highlight of the evening, apart from a Hobbit (with real hairy feet) reciting poetry from the top of the bar (see below), the special treat was a sneak preview was a whole hour of “The Hobbit Diaries” some of the reports and recordings from behind the scenes that will appear on the new DVD – a total thrill!

Hobbit Announcements!
Hobbit Announcements!

What do I remember of the screening, apart from the excitement? Seeing the sheer scale of the work done here in New Zealand; the many distant and beautiful locations; the technical side of 3-D and the cameras involved. The make-up for the dwarves, and how they learned to walk and talk; the zillions of people it needs to make a movie and get if off the ground! 

After the movie, there was time for a last delicious mulled cider, and some genuine Haggis before taking the road that goes ever on, amazed, happy and stuffed full of Hobbit fare!

An host of Hobbit images, and Genuine Hobbit table.
An host of Hobbit images, and Genuine Hobbit table.

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