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An Interesting Cat Capture?

I was checking on our veggie garden as we have had some strong winds here and I was hoping the new plantings had survived without damage when I grabbed a fun cat capture.

(BTW The veggies had..)

I looked up and saw our tabby Toulouse poised on the fence. He was looking with laser focus at something I could not see, and I managed to slip out my smartphone for a quick shot.

I really like it as a cat portrait, but I think it might not be everyone’s ‘cup of tea’ as you can’t see his whole face. I was using ‘live’ on my smartphone and this allowed a tiny adjustment to show more of his face. I am still not sure it makes a difference.

Closeup of a Tabby Face

Why do I like it? There is an intensity to his gaze and the image is sharp. It captures a moment I could not achieve if I’d tried to stage the photo. For me there is almost a holding your breath kind of moment before he pounces, leaps or turns. I know you will have captured such a moment yourelf and know exactly what I mean!

As the image captured my imagination, I explored it using the smartphone app Photoshop Camera to see if adding extra colour, or transforming the photo to black and white would change or add to its impact.

The Photoshop Camera Filters

Black and white tabby closeup.

The ‘Monochrome‘ filter, called a ‘lens‘ in Photoshop Camera, adds depth and drama. It removes some of the focus on sharp fur but it still shows the lovely catchlight in his eye and the sense of drama I like so much.

Misty Tabby Closeup of a Tabby Face with a green filter

The second treatment uses the ‘Dreamy‘ filter. It has a gentler look and a soft focus quality. This filter retains the sharp fur and I know some cats will look fantastic with this effect, but I am not sure Toulouse is one of them….

Closeup of a Tabby Face with a green filter

Finally, a filter that looks a bit unreal.

This would make a nice background image if you are considering adding text and making the image your background. This is the ‘Color Cast‘ filter which offers a small range of different tints while preserving the sharpness of the original image.

Would AI Help the Portrait?

I was wondering if I could sharpen the image with Affinity Photo or AI but that would be another project and post.

AI is something might report on that later this year as AI is a minefield and not all of it works as well as people think it does. Unless it is in skilled hands like our friend Cathrine at Bionic Basil there are a lot of over-fuzzy kittens.

Do you find it as intriguing as I do? Or, if you would prefer to see all of Toulouse’s face?

13 thoughts on “An Interesting Cat Capture?”

  1. That is a gorgeous photo of the handsome Toulouse! I’m surprised you don’t have the ladycats knocking down your door!

  2. I like it a lot, it seems to have action…though not quite just yet!! He is very intent! Did you get more action shots, such as a leap or a pounce after this one??

    • Filters are very much a personal thing. You may or may not like the results, so thank goodness for the undo button!

  3. dood eye thinks yur foto total lee rox coz itza reel live act shun shotz

    hopin ewe spied a tastee mouz 😉 !!! happee day buddy ♥

  4. We like this. Even if you can’t see his whole face, it has a kind of “Peekaboo” mischief about it.

  5. I like it. It is a natural capture and not posed. I like the original the best, but also the dreamy filter.

  6. Well, we do love seeing all of Toulouse’s face, but we agree with you, Marjorie! There is a sense of mystery with the image you captured. What is he looking at? What will happen next? Etc. Bravo!


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