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All American Pet Photo Day 2024

July 11th is the day all pet lovers grab their cameras and celebrate pet photography on All American Pet Photo Day. For Dash Kitten this means CATS.

I am celebrating with some links to useful cat photo posts, and cat photos. The tips work for other pets too, of course! Please take a moment to explore a post to boost your cat photo skills

All American Pet Photo Day is joyfully celebrated each year on July 11. It is a day solely dedicated to appreciating our lovable pets who make life better every single day. While our pets almost always enjoy the limelight, this day encourages us to make it even more special and make them the main focus all day. 

National Today
Black and white profile shot of a tuxedo cat

Posts to boost your photo skills

Venture into Black and White

If you want to try something easy that might surprise you, try working in Black and White. Here are a few helpful tips to inspire you. You can change your photos before or after to take them. Tody is a great time, celebrate Pet Photo Day with a successful shot!

Black cat in kitty loaf position looking at the camera

Absolute Beginners Start Here

A set of shorter posts to introduce subjects like ISO and Aperture that intimidate beginners. From here you can read further with more confidence and not feel completely lost as you explore photo sites online.

black cat sat on a rug draped on a bannister

Your Smartphone and Great Cat Photos

Yes, your smartphone takes great photos. They excel in taking photos when a mirrorless or DSLR camera might falter because of poor settings. Get to know the camera settings of your own smartphone and use them to make your cat photos even better.

Never be afraid to take a photo and All American Pet Photo Day is the day to try. Editing can bring out details you don’t realise are there and filters can transform the whole image. If you don’t believe me, check out my Snapseed review.

Ginger cat with overlay of a city window reflection

13 thoughts on “All American Pet Photo Day 2024”

  1. Your black cat photos are just stunning!! I took a few great animal pics – I think you saw my Pelican photo!

  2. Such great information! I was hoping you would have a great list of posts for this fun holiday. You didn’t disappoint. I’m always inspired after reading your posts to pick up my camera and give everything a go. I appreciate the motivation! I’m sharing with all my pet parents and I’m certain they will love these tips as well.

  3. I wish I would have had time to do a post about this fun day…but I have to work…so I will just enjoy everyone elses!!

  4. Thanks for breaking it down for us so well (as always), Marjorie! As Ava and Target will tell you, it’s a safe bet that “Dad” will be taking some photos of them tomorrow! 🙂

  5. You always have the best information and you make it easy to understand. Thanks for joining Angel Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


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