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AdventurCats The Prohibition Error Part 4 (Fiction)

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Prohibition Error Adventurcats time travel to 1928

Silver looks expectantly as Seville begins to spell out his PLAN……..

“Savvy will make micemeat of us when she finds out we used nip contaminated whisks! We will be toast, but we need to reach her in the future by some means, so she can get us out!

OK, here’s the PLAN. “I remember Savvy saying Mom L was wanting to try out that smart new cat carrier, and take in an exhibition of Prohibition era pictures at the same time. Savvy tried to get out of it but when we Skyped she was bracing herself for the trip ‘outside’.  Mom L had a catalogue to read beforehand, Savvy showed me a couple of those 1928 prints!” Savvy is smart, she will know we are in…. er……difficulties.

Seville thought for a moment longer….We are a photogenic pair Silver, let’s quietly get us into some of those 1928 original pictures, something that Savvy might see in the future at that exhibition!” 

Silver looked around. “In that case Seville, we need to find something fast for travelling to a few of those catalogue locations, some kind of vehicle”  He paced the room, avoiding the odd patch on the carpet…..

* sniff * “What the?”

They needed transport!  Suddenly, Silver stiffened; he smelled something familiar, something he knew from Dash’s secret workshop in the garage at home, he couldn’t quite place it…..

“A car, bicycles?” muttered Seville, half to himself.

cats in a garage, with motorcyles, cark and gloomy

“No.  Motorbikes! Sniff over here, Seville. Can you smell petrol? That door must lead to a garage. If they have motorbikes as well as cars we can move around pretty fast, and get ourselves into pictures at several locations! Savvy is bound to spot us then!”


SHHHHHHHH. Silver I think I hear someone”

They checked the garage out quickly and found two serviceable motorbikes filled with petrol. They took a look at the map pinned to the wall of the garage. It had a lot of red dots in the middle of the river. They wheeled the two motorbikes out into the street as quietly as they could.  Seville grabbed the map, just in case.

HEY YOU! The door to the garage flew open…

“Silver, move it, fast as you can!” yelled Seville, and the boys rode off at high-speed to their first destination – the brand new telecommunications centre near the Chicago Bears home at Wrigley Field. As they approached, they saw huge crowds; the Bears were playing the Chicago Cardinals today, at home! They negotiated the crowds painfully slowly then turned into a quieter street.

‘STOP THIEVES!’ a sinister man yelled……… a gunshot rang out……crowds scattered

adventurcats-arrive at the telecommunications centre

“Quick, park up and get into that building Silver. The door on the right, it’s the back entrance. According to Savvy’s catalogue, the new equipment on the second floor was the location of a photo shoot, it’s with one of the new modern ‘working gals’ who…”

BANG, another shot rang out

The gangsters meant business. This was getting scary! The boys ran faster, sprinting into the building and up the stairs. They spotted the photographer with his heavy equipment, they were in time, he was just setting up.

The pair peeped out of the booths just as the photographer took a picture. Then, keeping ahead of the sinister villains, they ran, at top speed, back to the hidden motorcycles. Heavy gangster footsteps followed as they headed back to the motorcycles, and set off for their next photo opportunity.

“Silver! Head to the railway station! Savvy’s catalogue has a picture of some illegal nip beer being poured down a drain. It’s outside the station of the North Western Railway.” As they launched themselves on to the bikes and took off, Seville took a deep breff, he sighed. “All that nip beer, untasted.”

Two cats race through the streets

They heard the squeal of brakes as a car neared the racing pair, but, with a sudden swerve they turned together down a tiny side street, almost hidden by crowds. It was a shortcut to the railway station that Seville had spotted when he took the map from the garage.

Parking up, and with hearts beating, the boys sauntered trying to look casual, towards the barrel being poured away. Acting like a pair of curious strays they positioned themselves as close as they could to the camera.

“Silver, just one slurp… ” Seville murmured, moved gingerly forward. One paw step, two paw steps…

“Seville NO!”

Brakes screamed. The last of the nip beer disappeared down the drain….

“Seville GET DOWN, they are shooting all over the place!” Silver jammed Seville under the nearest car as glass rained around them……..

Then, into the ringing silence that followed the fierce gun fire, a familiar voice spoke. She was none too happy!


The boys turned in shock…..


See episode 5 here tomorrow!!

8 thoughts on “AdventurCats The Prohibition Error Part 4 (Fiction)”

  1. Wow they snuck into those photos just in time. Looking fur word to part five tomorrow! -Katie Kitty Too

  2. It’s so exciting ! We missed the first episodes, so we read them like this, “1-2-3”, today ! Can’t wait to know what happens next ! Purrs

  3. So much Nip Beer, so little time! Heck, caught between gun toting gangster and Savannah, this isn’t going to be pretty… I just hope she’s brought some new whisks with her, and doesn’t’ ground you when you get back, IF you get back. Mouses, this is too nerve racking…. Here’s to the next instalment! purrs ERin

  4. OMC OMC how exciting guys!!!

    Waiting eagerly fur the next episode…. 😀


    Basil & Co xox

    P.S. if mew guys need any guns, ammo or explosives, we can hook mew up with our local arms dealer, let me know! MOL [plus mew’ll get mates rates!]

  5. You two better not cause me to miss my dinner! Savvy stomps off to her steampunk lab with determination

  6. Oh my mouses! OH MY MOUSES! We appear to have been caught by Savvy, red pawed.




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