Dash Kitten in Beret #wlf

Dash Kitten

Dash Kitten Founder Cat and International Blogger. Passed away on 6th September 2013 after a dog attack. He founded the blog to foster unity amongst anipals, and to help those in need. His work carries on with commitment, integrity and well researched honesty.

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Meet Our Family of Cats

The display includes those busy living the good life here in New Zealand, and those who have left us (RB).

Miranda Portrait at Dash Kitten

Miranda Kitten

Miranda is chief editor of the blog in her mum’s absence.

Dash Kitten Silver Kitten the Business Cat

Silver Kitten

Reporter on all things cat tech from the Petcube to DNA science. Brother to Miranda.

#RememberMeThursday 2018

Harvey Button

Harvey is a late adopted senior cat who reports with enthusiasm on cat health,

Dot Kitten Selfie

Dot Kitten

Sister to the late Dash Kitten. Shouter, head butter and loving family member.



Tortoishell. Loves to sit on her dad while he works. He is too nice to move her.



Adventurous ‘kit-ler’ who is a lively outdoors girl who enjoys summer and her garden.

Image of Peanut from DashKitten.com

Peanut (RB)

Our first and best cat. She lived 9.5 years in UK and a further 9.5 in NZ. Always the Boss.

Little 'Un at DashKitten.com

Little 'Un (RB)

Little ‘Un only had friends or friends she hadn’t met yet. Welcoming, loving and greatly loved by us.

Dusty the Senior in serious pose

Dusty (RB)

Emergency adoption when his mom moved away. Stayed with us almost two years. Taught us a lot about senior cats.

Phoebe close up at Dash Kitten

Phoebe Kitten

Youngest member of the family. Enthusiastic reader who loves book reviewer Amber at Bionic Basil.

Jack Selfie


Jack suffers from solar eczema and has to wear sun cream all summer. Yes he hates it. He is a lovely boy who adores food.

Nemo the cat

Nemo (RB)

Came to us as a ‘fospice’ cat and became a member of the family immediately. We were with him when he passed.