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Teddy the Tuxedo Cat: A Photo Journey

I have written in a couple of times about Teddy and his journey to us, and I thought I would do a series of portraits, similar to the ones that won me a Muse® Medallion for Sam the foster cat. Teddy, our cat with a tuxedo, is a photogenic cat and can look cute or serious.

The image collection is more variable in quality as, at the time I began to take photos, half my mind was worried about his health and wellbeing, and the other half worried about carrying a camera and making him nervous. I have taken some lovely portraits this year and I know you will enjoy seeing the photograps and the quick slideshow.

  • Tuxedo on the ground rolling in the sunshine
  • Tuxedo cat watching birds, while he is sat on a wall
  • Tuxedo sat in the sunshine
  • Portrait of a tuxedo cat sat by a window looking to our left.
    Cute Teddy Pose
  • Tuxedo cat watches an empty path.
  • Tuxedo on the ground rolling in the sunshine

The first photograph was a rather unfocused smartphone shot but as I tell everyone taking photographs of your cat; a blurry shot that captures a moment is as important as the pinsharp shot you spend hours working towards. The family were just gaining his confidence when I took the first shot and in this picture you can see how thin Teddy is. There is a lot of light between his body and the wall he is stood on.

Teddy began by eating about four sachets of Whiskas a day, he likes Fancy Feast and raw now! He would not come any closer than this spot which is two metres (almost six feet) off the ground and for so long I despaired of grabbing him and bringing him inside.

Portrait of a thin tuxedo cat stood on a wall looking down.
Smartphone Snapshot

After about four months as summer started to cool and the rains set in, we became concerned about Teddy’s future. He had begun to move further down the sloping wall so we waited until he reached a point where I picked him off th wall and literally walked into the house and into our spare bedroom.

Teddy stayed in this safe haven for the next two months and, no he did not want to leave! No bolting out when the door opened, no frantic howling to be let out. He scratched at the carpet near the door but we think this was because he was on his own and wanted to reach us.

Teddy was approximately four years old and had not been neutered. He is in good health and now has his first inoculations (with the booster when he goes in for his snip surgery in two weeks time). He is otherwise in good health and will also be chipped when he is under anaesthetic.

Dash Kitten

During thus time, mid September, I was able to capture this lovely portrait with it’s shallow depth of field, using portrait mode on my smartphone. Your own phone is a great place to start with portraits. No extra expense but if you love the results you will have the chance to create canvas prints or cards because the quality of usually good enough.

Portrait of a tuxedo cat napping in a window bed
Smartphone Portrait mode

The next portrait shows a more confident Teddy and this one was taken with my DSLR camera. Again not perfect but a valuable record of his growing confidence and his willingness to fit in. He was eventually let out of the bedroom during the daytime (supervised) so he could find his place within the Dash Kitten family.

Was Teddy A Lost Cat?

Needless to say we had circulated images of Teddy extensively on social media to make sure he was not a lost pet. Facebook has local lost and found pets groups for most areas of New Zealand.

However, we thought that for him to reach the age of four and not be neutered he must have been abandoned. As you know an unneutered tom can create all kinds of trouble and smells. We had expected the worst before his surgery but Teddy did not spray once when he was inside he has never sprayed.

Portrait of a tuxedo cat sat in a window
Window Portrait of Teddy – (DSLR) ISO 3200 f 4.5 1/400

As time has gone on, Teddy had gained confidence, and found his ‘level’ within the family heirarchy. His favourite toy is Dash’s old circular ball toy similar to the Play and Scratch from Catit. Dash loved it because the ball never rolled out of his reach, he was partially sighted, and it fascinates Teddy.

Tuxedo cat watches an empty path.
Teddy Watching – DSLR ISO 200 f6.3 1/800

After many months, Teddy was able to go outside. This time, however, you can just see the blue cat collar he is wearing and he is newly microchipped. [PLEASE chip your cat or dog!) Teddy looks quietly confident outside and he takes great pleasure from following us round the garde. When we come back inside, he does too. He rarely stays outside long and never after dark, he loves our company.

Portrait of a tuxedo cat sat in dappled shade under a tree
Teddy with Flowers – ISO 200 mm f5.6 1/320
Tuxedo cat basking in the sunshine rolling over
Teddy being Silly – ISO 200 135 mm f6.3 1/800

A Happy Tuxedo Home At Last

Fast forward-ish at Teddy’s ambling pace and we find him in a place he made his own, a large plant pot! This is one of my favourite phographs of a cat ever. Home, in a place he loves.

This is a New Zealand native tree called a Karamu. It is a small tree of the Coprosma family. The tree grows well in our garden and I hope to plant this one outside next spring. This photo appeared earlier on the blog.

Cat laid in a plant pot looking to the left
Posing in ‘My’ Plant Pot – ISO 400 55mm f6.3 1/320

Do you agree with me that this is one happy tuxedo cat who has found a safe haven and does not mind being a cat model in the slightest? A rather special one with a fondness for plant pots.

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20 thoughts on “Teddy the Tuxedo Cat: A Photo Journey”

  1. Mee-yow Miss Marjorie this REELLY was Teddy all skinny an ruff lookin?
    Hee iss so hansum an reegal an beeuteefull now….you werked a meer-acull….
    Wee love you Teddy an are so happy you are in yore Fur ever home!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an {{{hugss}}} BellaSita Mum

  2. Yes, he is a special dude. His new life as a cat lead him to your door and a new home that was truly where he needed to be. Love the images, which tell the story so well.

  3. Here I am once again:

    Teddy sure is one MOST handsome kitty! Since he adjusted so well and quickly, makes me wonder if he knew peeps somewhere in his past?

  4. What a fantastic piece of photo journalism! Teddy is one lucky kitty to have found you, you’re such an amazing cat mom & advocate for rescued cats. That photo of Teddy in the pot is the Best!! You should literally enter it in every photo contest you can find!

  5. Teddy surely is a fortunate feline. Destiny has shown a lost soul the way to go and place to be. That is why we should I believe always open our hearts and doors wherever it is right, to help another in need. Who knows what life this sentient being had before. But we know what kind of a life he will have now.
    Your pictures show a wonderful passage of not just time, but skill and a life changed.
    Bravo, Marjorie and Paul. And Bravo Marjorie for getting so good at photography too and capturing a little bit of magic that is life.

  6. O M C!!!
    I am all behind, and just getting here, now…

    What a wonderful transformation, and you have captured it with your photo series so well! He sure is a most handsome tuxie!! Teddy, welcome to your new home, and we know now your life will be pawsome beyond measure!

  7. OMG!!! These photos of Teddy are precious! I love seeing his journey in photos. I most certainly do agree that Teddy is a happy tuxedo cat who found his safe haven and loves being your muse, Majorie! What a lucky kitty to have found you. And yes, the photo of him in the pot is absolutely adorable! Love how you’ve chronicled his journey so well in photos.

  8. Such a change in Teddy who looks very content and happy to be with you. Beautiful photos too.

  9. Teddy looks totally snug and content! Indeed I think he’s very happy to be with you! And the photos are marvelous !

  10. Teddy is handsome and happy and thankful to be a part of your family. THANK YOU so much, Marjorie!


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