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‘A Tale of Two Kitties’ by Nick Harding, Book Review

‘A Tale of Two Kitties’ by Nick Harding, Book Review

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Hello and welcome to the second of our Best Books at Christmas review and giveaway [now CLOSED]. Today’s book is a fun paperback sponsored by Mirror Books.

Dash Kitten’s Book ‘A Tale of Two Kitties’ was supplied to us by Mirror Books free of charge. We only share news and products that are relevant to our readers because we know you will love them. Our post contains Amazon affiliate links.

A Tale of Two Kitties – Nick Harding

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The book blurb begins “This is a love story… Boy meets girl, boy loves girl, girl loves cats.”

But there is a problem. Journalist Nick Harding is violently allergic to cats. They bring on such extreme reactions he has to leave the room if there is a cat nearby. He is emphatically not a cat person.

Nick describes who he is, and what life is like for a slightly off-kilter journalist working at a major British newspaper. He works on some weird and wonderful stories, including interviewing a warlock with a black cat. Then he meets Stephanie, a cat person, and falls in love, and his slide into reluctant cat ownership begins.

How One Man Learns to Love Cats

Nick’s story, for those of us who have always loved cats, is the journey of an ‘outsider’. He is someone cat lovers might find hard to understand when they first start reading, but he helps us explore cats and their lives from a different viewpoint.

We see how he views the new family kitten Alvin as an almost alien presence in their home. But, slowly Alvin, and later Barry the Bengal work their way under his skin.

This book is an entertaining read and will keep you reading over Christmas.  One man, discovering cats and giving us some funny and thoughtful insights along the way.

Title: A Tale of Two Kitties [Affiliate Link]
Author Nick Harding

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  1. This book sounds delightful and great for our reading time before bed.

    Shoko, Tyebe, Budd and Jean


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