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A Summer Cat Selfie

A Summer Cat Selfie

I am posting about my zoom lens, for newbies here and it takes great closeups but I wanted to show you Toulouse in a perfect summer cat selfie pose using my closeup 50mm lens, mostly because he sat still for longer and you really need this lens in your collection.

For this summer time selfie I focused on his eye and succeeded in keeping it sharp. This is a cat photo ‘must do’ I sometimes miss.

Summer Cat Selfie with a sweet tabby cat in the sun
© DashKitten.com 50mm ISO 200 F 3.5 1/400

A Summer Cat Selfie Close Up

I have included a cropped eye shot so you can see how lovely his eye is and how sharp this inexpensive lens is.

I reviewed the lens here and recommend the ‘nifty fifty’ lens to every cat photographer using a DSLR.

Closeup of a cat's eye.
© DashKitten.com 50mm ISO 200 F 3.5 1/400

We were too late to add our condolences to the Island Cats on the loss of sweet Zooey so we are doing so today.

Zoey’s loss was unexpected, and like all such losses, a terrible shock to everyone. We send our best love, sudden loss is just the absolute worst.

12 thoughts on “A Summer Cat Selfie”

  1. Zoey truly will be missed so much.

    Toulouse sure is a handsome dude with those topaz gems for his eyes!! Or are they citrine??

  2. Mee-yow Miss Marjorie it sure was a shock ’bout Zoey girl…man it must bee quiet on THE Island fore Ernie an his Hu’manss!
    Yore foto of Toulouse iss purrfection!
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

  3. Toulouse that is a wonderful Selfie. We love using the tele and the 50mm lens and want to learn more. Lets go

  4. Wow, what a great selfie! and we love the close up of Toulouse’s eye. Looking forward to your post about your zoom lens. 🙂

    We are sad about Zoey, too. We have been thinking lots about and purring for Mom Sue and Ernie.


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