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A Snapseed Ginger Transformation

The positive response to my Snapseed for beginners post in December 2023 was fantastic! I’m excited to share another quick transformation using Snapseed.

People are genuinely surprised at what this free app can do, and a lot of readers have used my earlier post (and my free app mini course) to explore how versatile it is.

Let me share one quick and surprising transformation I know you will love.

A Cat Portrait Transformation

Angus is a regular visitor and today, he jumped onto the deck railing and paused long enough for me to snap a hasty handful of shots. Unfortunately, as you can see, I misjudged the lighting and I’m the one who keeps telling readers how important the light is.

Why is this? Angus is being lit more from behind (called backlight) than he is from the front. A lot of the details on his face, whiskers and fur are very dark which was so disappointing. I decided to see if a filter or image adjustment would rescue this cute guy’s promising portrait.

Underexposed ginger cat looking at the camera sat on a fence.

Opening Snapseed I brought up my photo from the iPhone album; and then scrolled through the range of filters.

You can see some of them at the bottom of the image below including ‘Last Edits‘ which keeps the last filter you used, in case you would like to use it again. Some filters let you adjust the colour making it more subdued or monochrome and some brighten and improve the light and you can guess which one I was looking for.

I scrolled along the row ‘auditioning’ each filter as it changed my image. Some improved the light a little bit which was promising so I kept looking. I settled on one called ‘Morning’ and you can see how the image is transformed. I was so impressed.

What a difference one filter has made to the gloomy smartphone photograph I nearly gave up on. I was on a roll so I worked the Snapseed magic on a few more ginger images and assembled it into a cute cat photo collage.

I think you can agree that the difference is amazing and it makes the collage created in the Layout smartphone app look spectacular. I have a feeling you might like to try out the Layout app so I have added a link to it here for Android, and a link to Instagram’s iPhone launch.

Ginger cat poses on a wooden bannister

Step By Step Snapseed Filter

  1. Open the Snapseed app
  2. Select your photograph
  3. Scroll along the filter options
  4. Choose your filter by tapping the option
  5. Tap the tick icon bottom right
  6. Tap ‘Export’ to create a separate copy of your photograph.
Snapseed Montage of ginger cat photos 2

10 thoughts on “A Snapseed Ginger Transformation”

  1. What a beautiful kitty! And a wonderful photo! I had not heard of Snapseed, although I do have (way too many) apps on my phone! I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the tip!

  2. He is so handsome and what an interesting app, I do not have apps on my phone but I think the time I start with them, great info and post as always

  3. Snapseed can really improve a photo! This is terrific to know. I never take great photos of Henry and lighting is generally the issue, especially with him being black the lighting has to be spot-on to see his eyes. I’m going to give Snapseed a try next time. Thank you for this helpful tip!

  4. That is a transformation. Maybe someday I’ll retire and have time to play with editing photos. Mostly for now, what I take is what you get.

  5. Oh my, such a beautiful result of most handsome Angus! Thanks for joining Angel Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


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