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A Slightly Different Portrait

A Slightly Different Portrait

I was looking at my DSLR learning journey and realised that I have not done a post on profiles. Maybe I should? It’s a potential interpretation of the cat photo after all.

These musings were prompted by today’s photograph of Miranda which shows a slightly different portrait style, she is turned to the side – in profile.

Spring is warming up here and it’s nice to be able to enjoy New Zealand’s weather with the cats. We all enjoy the garden so much and it is a chance to use natural light.

The picture was taken in a quick moment and focused on her eye so the whiskers are out of focus both towards us and beyond her muzzle. I rather like the effect because I am enjoying her alert look and lovely fur.

Miranda Cat Profile photograph

Apple Blossom Time

I have been practising this week is taking close-up photographs of plants and I wanted to share another slightly different ‘portrait’.

This is spring blossom. Our apple tree is going crazy and we have never seen so many blossoms all at once before. There must be two dozen on our pillar apple tree.

A slightly different portrait. Apple blossom photograph. Showing how delicate the photo colour is.


I used Av mode on my Canon and I was able to focus on the blossom and get a soft depth of field behind it. I hope you can see the wonderful texture of the bark too, it is such a contrast to the soft looking blossom.

Finally, Dot wants me to thank Pipo and Mom for the wonderful card created for her birthday. She is so thrilled to receive it.

Thank you Pipo!

Isn’t it just gorgeous?

Dot Kitten celebration graphic with photograph


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She is a Professional member of the Cat Writers Association, Kuykendall Image Award winner and published photographer at the Guardian newspaper.

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  1. Both are gorgeous photo’s and really show some great photography going on there now you have your new camera.

  2. I’ll have to try focusing on the eye next time I do a profile. See if it works for cats of other colors. Beautiful apple blossoms. Reminds me of our spring.


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