A Screencast for the #DKVideo Challenge

A Screencast for the #DKVideo Challenge

What the heck is a screencast? I can hear you all muttering into your catnip right now, am I right?

Hello everyone, I’m Silver and it’s my pleasure to present a Tech Tips special showing you the Crew’s first screencast ‘how to’. We are using our A Spring Adventure movie as the example, and the Crew are trialling the Screenflow program for further learning opportunities for our readers.

Because it’s a trial you will see ‘Demo Mode’ displayed, but we are really pleased with our explorations of the software so far. It’s top of our ‘must have’ list right now.

  • Definition: A screencast is a digital recording of what happens on a computer screen. It is also known as a video screen capture, and often includes audio narration. YouTube is full of screen cats cast how to’s.

We want all our readers to have fun and adventures, inside and outside, and our Video Challenge is a direct result of our hope to encourage more movie making from our friends and colleagues. Use your smartphone, use a GoPro, anything small and portable is fair game. If you want to add movies to your blog, strut your stuff on Instagram and Facebook, or share your fur family with pride jump, in because… …..


To Help You – The #DKChallenge Screencast

If you look at the top of this post you will have seen our very first trial screencast. [Here on Vimeo]. Some of you have already submitted movies – so you get a free pass out of class today!

Do you see how it shows more than a film? You are seeing a recording of our own computer screen with Mum recorded live. This is why a screencast is a great way to demonstrate how Miranda’s movie was created, we can show you our own working methods.  A bonus is we can answer any questions you might about the screencast, the Challenge, and making a movie, below in the comments.

  • Remember, there are no dumb questions, only questions you have’t got an answer to yet.

The Dash Kitten Crew hope that anyone keen to join the Challenge, but without too many tech skills (or needing a quick shot of confidence). will find the screencast encouraging. It gives you an insight into taking those first steps. The one thing we can’t show is the amount of time editing takes. Editing takes as long as it takes, it’s very flexible, and really doesn’t make interesting viewing.

If you are new to the challenge, you can find out a lot more about our invitation to a fun and stress free learning opportunity, and have a lot of fun making videos here. So, why not take a look at the screencast, movie. Tell us if you find it helpful, and if you have any movie questions, fire away, we are glad to help.

  • PRO TIP Our eBook can also help, with its step by step encouragement [see sidebar for details]. Free to mailing list members.

Silver Kitten
Screencast #DKVideo Challenge Supervisor
WANTED Silver Kitten





BONUS Find our Storyboard printables here>>> European A4 StoryBoard Blue pdf and US Letter Size StoryBoard Blue pdf


  1. Great demo and tips! I love shooting video, although I do admit I work more with still photography and create more slideshows than videos. The screencast tutorial was great and very informative for folks giving movies a try! I do my work in iMovie…I’ll have to check out Screenflow!

  2. Great post Dash Kitten Crew, we so need to get our videoing skillz up to scratch post haste!

    Thanks fur sharing all these pawesome tips!

    Big hugs

    Basil & Co xox

  3. I have to give this program a try. It sounds like it might have the features I’m looking for. I still intend to be a part of this challenge. I’ve just been having a lot of trouble getting things done this summer. No matter what is wrong with me, Manna and Dexter still deserve to be movie stars!

  4. That was very interesting. Apparently I didn’t know what a screencast was, as I thought it was something about projecting your computer onto a TV screen. Always good to learn something new. I’ve seen so many game tutorials done in screencast format and now I know what it’s called!

  5. You are very wise to stipulate that editing takes as long as editing takes. My BA is in broadcast journalism from the early 90s, so I learned to edit video footage. I remember taking at least an hour of editing time to create about a minute of news footage. Digital is definitely more convenient and flexible, but I can be such a picky pants! Which means more time editing:)

  6. I am very intimidated by video, but hopefully, I’ll be able to give it a try this fall! I will be referring back to this series and the e-book to help give my confidence and knowledge.

  7. MeOW Ya’ll are sooooooooo smart. Ya’ll lost us a long time ago. But good luck. We do good to get mommy to ‘member to push da record button and figger out how to load it on da catputer. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  8. Well, I learned something new. Never heard of this technology before. 🙂 I’m trying to get a handle on all the new Facebook video (live and slideshow apps) technology that’s available to me. Tech is moving so quickly and I’m afraid my mental prowess is moving the other direction. 😉

  9. You wanna hear something funny? I have that software on my computer and I’ve never used it. YIKES! Maybe I should get to it! LOL. I did something I have been procrastinating about today that put me one step closer to trying a video, so YAY ME!

  10. I haven’t had much time to delve into your video challenge as I would like, but I do plan to as this is an area I really need to learn and experiment with. Hoping to have some more time next week to start exploring your e-book, etc.

    Keep up the great work. You have become quite the resource.

  11. LOL, as a newbie to blogging, I’m not ready to take the movie challenge yet, but I will certainly watch the film and take notes for future reference. For now, I’m still learning Instagram and Snapchat.

  12. I’ve done webinars before where the screen was shared, but never thought about this particular technique. Duh! I’ve seen it on YouTube a lot, of course. Now I’ll have to look into this.

  13. Love the screencast idea! I really need to dive into this movie making thing. I know it’s the direction that a lot of brands are going and they want influencers that incorporate video into their work. Thanks for the tips!

  14. My head is spinning…tech stuff fur sure is not fur me…sorry…even simple instructions spin me into stress mode, MOL! Though pawppy says that is exasperating to him, he has to teach her the same things over and over…so I guess no videos from this neck of the woods…sigh…and no time to learn it either actually.

  15. anda pea ezz…noe matter what dee vize we look at R videe oh on, we canna edit it 🙁
    windows 10 wont even open de film ~~~~ iphone 4S doeznt have an edit feature; ….but de eye pad WILL play it !!!! ??

  16. miranda !!! we loved yur moovee springtime adventurez !!! WHOA !!!!!! how high up in de tree WERE ewe !! we bet it waz like 904 feet huh !! leest it waz burd free;)

    insert hearts XXX

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