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A Rescue Cat Called Sam

Flu’ tripped up any chance of new cat photos this week, so I am showcasing a memory of a fine ginger rescue cat called Sam.

The flu’ is taking its time to go but ‘Online No-One Can Hear You Sneeze!” (to paraphrase the movie) and no, I still haven’t seen Alien. Far too scary for me.

Sam was an emergency foster with quite a story behind him and the retelling of his tale won the blog a Cat Writers’ Association Muse® Medallion. I hope it might also make people think long and hard about adopting cute boy kittens.

Sam’s story also taught me that we must never EVER assume anyone adopting a kitten for the first time has a clue about anything. Step up and help with gentle advice, or a friendly suggestion. You could stop another ‘Sam’ from happening.

This weekend is also, in my diary, the Angelversary of dear friend Timmy Tomcat on 23rd of June. Pete Cusack was a valued friend to so many of us, and a support to Dash Kitten.

I took some time and visited Timmy’s Blog today. I spent a happy time browsing posts about selfies, birthdays, memories and the heartfelt passing of friends.

Enjoy your Sunday. Our Southern Hemisphere days will slowly get a little longer now we have past our shortest and your longest day (if you are in the Northern Hemisphere). The cats are looking forward to more garden time already!

13 thoughts on “A Rescue Cat Called Sam”

  1. It was great to re-read Sam’s story!
    And with a pang I read Timmy’s comment…I sure do miss them all.

    I knew Pete and his gang for several years before I started blogging. He was one of our first friends on Catster.

  2. I’m so glad Sam’s story turned out so well. Rescues here will not adopt out unless the animal is already altered, which helps.

    We had a situation with one of our bottle babies adopted by a family that ruined him. He was returned and never able to get a regular home, so was sent to a barn home. He disappeared from there and no one knows what happened. A very sad ending and I tell the story to potential adopters all the time as a caution against allowing certain behaviors in cats as babies which you aren’t going to want them doing as adults.

  3. Excellent story, and informative post about Sam! Missing Timmy Tomcat but glad to see his site is still up.

  4. What a sweetie Sam seems to be!
    I have lived with cats for for over 40 years and I freely admit, I am still learning new things about them. So it’s no wonder first-time adopters have a lot to learn.

    I was also thinking of Timmy Tomcat and Dad Pete. Such a loss to the Cat Blogosphere.

  5. Such a sweet boy cat, and a happy ending is the best ending. Timmy will be dearly missed, and the fact their combined legacy still brings joy is a credit to them.

  6. I tried again and the link worked. I am glad Sam’s story had a happy ending. I didn’t see it first time around as we always cruise at that time of year.

  7. We loved this post about Sam. We, too, miss Dad Pete. He was a wonderful human and a great friend to so many of us.

  8. Such a nice post about sweet Sam. Darn, we sure do miss Pete and his gang. Pete was a real gem of a nice person.


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