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A Little Shadow Stole Our Hearts

OK Everyone Listen Up!

I would appreciate your attention, as members of the Sunday Selfies, long enough to watch the very short movie announcement I have for you. Half a minute will do just fine!

We want to welcome Taz as a member of the Dash Kitten Crew and, if the transition goes reasonably well, he will be adopted by us from his family next door. Just in time for the 500th selfie post from Kitties Blue!

Why Are We Adopting Taz?

His family are moving overseas and they have asked if we would adopt Taz. This is for a very specific reason. He has, we are told, determinedly tried to find his way back to their previous properties when they moved. When they moved here he had to be kept inside for four months.

  • NOTE: The inside life, where his family are moving to is definitely not for him. If he got out he would try to find his way back home and, as this is across the ocean, this would be potentially fatal for him.

He has been a regular visitor for well over a year, and you may recognise some of the photographs in the slideshow. He is a welcome visitor and well known to Dash Kitten’s crew. Taz has, in fact, napped inside our home on several occasions as his mum and dad know.

Black cat looking to the left, soft focus background.

The Positives of Taking on Taz

The decision to take him on is a no-brainer. Taz is a super friendly black cat, he is 10 years old, healthy and will be chipped and up to date on his shots. He knows us and likes us.

The hardest part will be when his family leaves.

Selfishly, from a cat photographer’s point of view, he is the most gorgeous model for me, and Taz will become a spoiled and much loved member of the family. So, please welcome our newest family member.

Taz Slideshow

  • Black cat looking to the left, soft focus background.
  • black cat being scratched on the head
  • Black cat taken with a smartphone
  • Cat with starry sky behind them

15 thoughts on “A Little Shadow Stole Our Hearts”

  1. Aww congrats on the new addition to the family! Taz! What a cool name. I’m glad the family thought of you and didn’t dump Taz somewhere. I’ve heard sad stories of such incidents when other families move. Taz is so lucky to call your place home now!

  2. Hooray for Taz, as we ‘of-fur-cially’ welcome him to your crew! He sure a most handsome panther!

  3. Congrats on your new addition. Taz is a handsome boy. Thank you for the kind words you left on my blog for the loss of Lucy. XO

  4. We love your announcement video! Welcome officially to ‘da hood’ and we are looking forward to seeing more of you now. And stay in yur new house now where it’ll be lots of fun and you get lots of love and sleepin in and chillaxin. xo

  5. welcome two ewe TAZ…ewe bee one handsum houz panther 🙂 we troo lee hope ewe dee side
    ta chillax at dash’s place and due KNOT go on a walk a bout…trust me when eye say thiz, M and P
    be troo lee awesum peepulz two livez with ♥♥♥♥

  6. Most definitely worthy of the fanfare! And there’s no better family for him to settle with. We look forwards to seeing him in up-and-coming selfies and photography tips.

  7. That’s such a cute video. And Taz is such a handsome fellow!
    We are sure all will go smoothly and all that is left to say now is – Welcome to the newest member of the Dash Kitten Crew!

  8. Welcome to your happily ever after, Taz. You really did find the most loving and wonderful new family. We are purring that everything goes smoothly with the transition. XO

  9. Welcome handsome house panther ! We send you purrayers and Power of the Paw that Taz will settle in and not pine too badly for his old hme.

  10. Taz is very handsome. I hope he settles in well with you. As he already knows you there will hopefully be no problems. Welcome, Taz!

  11. Oh my goodness, welcome to your forever family Taz!!! You will be so loved and cared for, no doubt about it. You are quite the handsome dude!


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