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A Little AI from Photoshop Camera

You will, by now, have seen some of the amazing transformative effects of AI (Artificial Intelligence) art apps as they hit social media. There are dozens of software applications and many of the images dazzle the eye. Sadly, their human input is minimal and they don’t seem to do anything to help you create your own art, or improve your own photos, so can we use AI for anything helpful?

It is early days but I have discovered a small corner of AI that can be a genuine help in enhancing a smartphone photograph that you think is almost good enough. You will find it in Photoshop Camera, my favourite free smartphone app.

The photo discovery happened because I moved my office to the front of the house.

There is a lot of building work out the rear of our property and this is becoming extremely stressful. The only way to avoid it is to move my whole office space including computers, hard drives and stationery to the front of our house further away from the noise.

Thomas the Texedo before I used Photoshop Cameras AI tool.
Smartphone image before enhancement

The upside is that the move meets with kitty approval as you can see from Thomas’s pose in front of my iMac. I grabbed my smartphone and snapped this quick cat photo. It’s fun but, as you can see, the computer screen is bright so Thomas look dark and his fur lacks definition.

It’s time for me to try the AI tool in Photoshop Camera.

Let me emphasize that this is not a magical cure-all tool that will make a terrible photo into a good one but it is a useful tool if you have a photo you like that needs a bit of help before you share it online.

The AI Tool

When you open the Photoshop Camera app you will see a screen layout like this. There will be a plain background with the photograph you have chosen in the middle. If you don’t have a photograph open, look bottom right on your screen and you will see a tiny square to tap which opens your Camera Roll.

Screenshot showing the AI symbol in Photoshop camera app
AI Magic Wand

How to Activate the AI Tool

Tap the magic wand icon at the top of the screen (see arrow). This activates the AI function and you can decide if you like the results by tapping to switch between AI and the original.

I was pleased with the adjustments made by the AI that you can see in Thomas’s photograph. His face is lighter, which is what I had really hoped for, and the background is lighter. It is now a happy memory of a tuxedo inspecting the iMac’s connection to the network.

Thomas the Texedo after I used Photoshop Cameras AI tool.
Smartphone image after enhancement

Did The AI Work for My Photo?

For this image the tool was a success and I am happy with the results, but as I say at the start of this post, this demo is a small and useful corner of the massive (unregulated) world of Artificial Intelligence.

The results can be satisfying, helpful and the perfect fit for what you want, but I have also found that the AI can add too much light, colour or sharpening for your needs and it is up to you, as the human behind the photo, to make the call.

The suggestions might not be the improvement you are looking for and you can try other photo editing tricks. You are the one in charge.

12 thoughts on “A Little AI from Photoshop Camera”

  1. Love it! There are so many cool tricks out there now and you are the queen of them! Thanks for always sharing them! (I do love PhotoShop and this tool has helped me a few times. I do love how it made Thomas’s fur coat show up!) I’m Pinning to share with others!

  2. Great post and I wish I had a smartphone to be able to use your ideas but am still with the camera and have to stay that way at the moment. Your photo was beautiful as usual

  3. What a cool tool, and I love that it’s Free, thanks for sharing! I think it did a great job w/ Thomas’ photo, it was such an improvement. I hadn’t heard of using AI in this way.

  4. Your trick worked great. The fur is a lot more defined and we can see his adorable face. Yes, the world of AI is in the spotlight. I have seen an AI tool that creates art by scanning facial images and heard about another AI tool that uses voice recognition and direction to create images. The question becomes, how far will this go? Biometric scanning of people to create some art and other art form created from AI, can it be considered original works? It’ll be interesting to see where this goes. As fascinating as it is, there’s always a darker side. But love this post and your kitty Thomas is such a handsome boy! Good luck with the renovations.

  5. Terrific tip! I definitely need this one. It’s like you did this specifically for me. I’m downloading the Photoshop Camera app and I’m going to play with it. I have tons of photos that need help. Excellent tip and tutorial, Marjorie! Thanks!

  6. Your photo looks marvelous! I’ve seen some AI work I really like, and some that looks a bit artificial. Lots of interesting questions about the role of the artist in AI for sure. Is it really so different from using the tech of photo editing or camera settings to adjust focus, saturation, and brightness, etc.? I for sure don’t know those answers …

  7. Everyone is “playing with” and “messing with” AI tools, interesting images result. But as I commented earlier this morning on another blog, my hope is that it will not replace what can be created from “a beautiful mind”, for I truly believe this is the heart of creativity. Yes, using the tools available to enhance or alter is exciting, and part of the process ~ but the true art comes from within the artist, not from the machine.

  8. You’re 100% correct. I don’t always groove on the magic wand solutions, but sometimes it does a really awesome job!


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