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A Ginger Cat Turns Monochrome

Those of you who are kind enough to subscribe to Dash Kitten’s newsletter (which you can do at the bottom of this post!) will have seen a preview of this portrait of Jack. He is a ginger and when I spoke about using camera RAW in the newsletter I was not sure how to show it effectively, so, of course, I had to go and tinker.

The result was this lovely portrait of Jack. It was originally a colour portrait and borderline overexposed (too bright) so by using the power of the RAW format I was able to darken the chest hair and enhance Jack’s features so he had depth and character. His thoughtful face is framed by darkness so there is nothing to distract you from his portrait. 

Jack’s Monochrome Portrait

Black and white portrait of a cat. Closeup.

So you have something to judge it against, here is a smaller version of the original in colour. Do you prefer one or the other?

Ginger cat sat in the sunshine
Jack – ISO 200 50 mm 1/200 (Original image)

9 thoughts on “A Ginger Cat Turns Monochrome”

  1. Raz is deeply missed by so many in ‘Blogville’…
    While the B & W image looses the gingery-ness, I too, love the drama in the B & W image. It is amazing!

  2. I like both versions of Jack’s portrait. What a beautiful cat! We’re very sad here about the loss of Raz.

  3. That is a lovely monochrome photo of Jack. It brings out the details, particularly his eye.

  4. That monochrome of Jack is lovely. If we had to choose, we would say the color because his orange is so dramatic in the light and shadow.

    We are heartbroken about Raz.

    • Thank you, that is so interesting to hear. I see the photos all the time so I guess I get used to them a bit.


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