First Aid Selfie

First Aid Selfie

What is Instagram? Stars tell us.

We have a first aid selfie today! 

First aid? For cats?……..  You bet!

Hello everyone it’s Harvey here, good to see you all. Mum’s was busy on a Cat First Aid course yesterday, it was fun and oh so interesting, I just had to read the manual! Thanks to Neko Ngeru for the opportunity.

Why a First Aid Selfie?

As a cat family, we realised some time ago that it is best to be as prepared for accidents and emergencies, so that you can react properly, both at home and on the road. When the chance came up to take part in a properly regulated and vet approved Cat First Aid class with PET First Aid and Training (NZ) it was a ‘must do’.

We will post Mum’s course report tomorrow, because today is Sunday Selfie day, a celebration of worldwide friendship, and some of the nicest, sweetest and most gorgeous pet pictures around!  

Today my self-portrait is for Miss Janet of The Cat on My Head blog, our Hop Host, and a friend who is lucky to be heading to BlogPaws, the Pet Blogging Conference.  Add the badge, grab the code and join the fun if you like!

Sunday Selfie graphic

See you tomorrow for the First Aid Report on Middle-Earth Monday.

Harvey Button
Cat First Aid Reporter
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  1. Good for your momma to take such a course! I think my mom needs to do so, too. Although, I haven’t heard of them being offered where I live. I’ll have to do some kitty sleuthing to find out! Cute selfie! Mew Mew!

  2. Wish we had first aid classes for pets here. Really needed. Looking furward to your report about the class…. It’s Mother’s Day here in America. Harvey would you please tell you Mum Happy Mother’s Day fur us?

    Purrz, Katie Kitty Too

  3. Lovely selfie–and a very important message! Can’t wait to check back and hear more about the class.

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  4. Harvey, I can see you’re a very smart kitty to be so intensely interested in first aid training. Your selfie is adorable! Miss Janet will absolutely love it!

  5. You know, that is such a great idea…. in fact I thinks it should be mandatory for all peeps who have pets, to do this, before they get, or just after they get a pet… Like a driving test….
    A lovely selfie Harvey, you do look very interested in that course book. Did you get to read some of it too?
    Purrs, ERin

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