Many mourned the passing of Ingrid Trinka @NoCryBabyDogs, a gracious and loving lady who fell victim to cancer. Ingrid was generous to those who grieved, knowing they missed their companions and allowing them to treasure a memory with loving gifts. Ingrid sent Mum the cards and magnets that she has kept close, others have similar tales to tell, I know.

Ingrid made provision for Daffy to be cared for by DanaPixie should anything happen to her. A great gift to Daffy as this was one less dog that fell victim to the dreaded ‘Owner Decease’. Please remember your companions in your Will.

At the moment, if you are on Twitter you will see the hashtag #4Legs4Daffy as four friends have pulled together to transport Daffy the Dog to her new home with Dana and Jim. The four pals are listed in the graphic above. @Blessedbeagle, @3PhiBotticelli, @BaileyTheDane and @Danapixie. On behalf of every one of Ingrid’s many friends – a million thanks to them. FINALLY >>> I omitted to add a link to Dana’s post on her blog, please go and take a look here.


11 thoughts on “#4Legs4Daffy Transporting a dog across the USA

  1. It’s comforting and heart-warming to know that someone was willing to take over the role of “parenthood” and Daffy will be taken good care of. If one had to know how many animals and pets ‘get lost’ when their owners aren’t able to take care of them any longer, he’d probably cry his eyes out.

    Thanks for sharing this amazing piece of hope!
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  2. Beautiful tribute. We were blessed to be Ingrid’s friend and Twitter playmate, and we will miss her warmth and zany sense of humor forever. The Daffy transport warms my sad heart.

  3. We cannot say enough good about them. What they’re doing is amazing, selfless, just incredible!

    Amy (seabasscat) and our mom are heartbroken that we can’t make it out to Ingrid’s funeral due to illnesses and family issues of our own .And to see these amazing people travel hours and hours to pay their respects is humbling.

    Thank you does nor begin to cover it….
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  4. Every one of us who knew Ingrid were hoping for a miracle i think. Its a tribute to her that these wonderful people are pulling together to get Daffy safely to her new home. In the midst of our grief Its a relief to know that Daffy will be safe and loved.

  5. Such a beautiful story – it is so heartwarming to know everything is going to to work out for Daffy the Dog. Love leads the way.
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