I-CAT wants to encourage more Therapy Cats like Tabby…. [Photos : Karen Thompson]DashKitten.com is a cat blog and cat developments worldwide matter to us, so it was with great interest that we read of the Go Fund Me appeal from I-CAT concerning Therapy Cats.

Wait, therapy cats? Yes, indeed, so we caught up with Karen Thompson, and Tabby the therapy cat, to find out more about the who’s and what’s of Therapy Felines; what I-CAT is doing to help, and why it matters so much.

Karen, your team launched a Go Fund Me appeal for I-CAT. Who are I-CAT and why have you launched this appeal  :-

Sure! We are a group of therapy cat teams who have banded together to create the first ever feline-specific therapy organization. I-CAT’s mission is to increase the number and influence of therapy cats worldwide through education, networking, and advocacy. To do this, we are raising funds for the application process to be a non-profit organization. Once we become a non-profit, we will be able to create feline-assisted therapy training materials, teach facilities about the benefits of cat-assisted therapy, and register cat teams.

Tabby, Therapy Cat, on duty with resident pooch for company.

You are aiming to be a non-profit group, can you explain what that means to non-USA folk?

Being a non-profit means that I-CAT could receive grants and accept tax-deductible donations in the future. Gaining non-profit status would also allow our educational programs to have a farther reach because money would be used for developing materials and training new teams rather than paying for employees’ salaries.

You look as though you have a committed team established for I-CAT

Yes, we do. Our board of members includes a certified animal trainer, a web designer, and a teacher, to name a few. We have members from Connecticut, Illinois, California, Minnesota, Oregon, Germany, New Zealand, and Australia.

Where can our readers find you online?

  • Our website is here
  • Facebook friends can Like us here
  • Our GoFundMe donation site and informational video are here
Tabby, Therapy Cat, on her way to work.

We love the idea of Therapy Cats, and we know young Waffles from Glogirly’s blog is proud to be a Therapy Cat in training. Why is this fundraiser important to you?

Waffles is fortunate that Glogirly is friends with Spaghetti-Bob and his mom, an experienced cat-assisted therapy team. There are a lot of kitties out there who would make excellent therapy cats, if only their people knew how to get started with this work. Many of us who are part of I-CAT had to adapt dog-training materials or small-animal training materials to fit our therapy cat’s needs.

Once we can train and register teams, we will be able to develop cat-specific training materials so that therapy cat teams can have the same access to species-specific training materials that therapy dog teams have. This will boost the overall quality of therapy cat visits once teams are trained and start going to facilities.


Thank you Karen, for sharing this tremendous idea. OK guys, c’mon now, let’s head over and give this tremendous idea the support it deserves! We have donated $25 to the appeal in honour of Sparklecat.  Summer, coming to the Sparkle blog, is a Therapy Cat in training.

Miranda Kitten

Meet the Therapy Cats in the I-CAT video

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  1. Layla Morgan Wilde (Cat Wisdom 101)

    August 25, 2014 at 1:13 pm

    Therapy cats play an increasingly valuable role and I’m glad there is an official organization for qualified animals. It’s important a gauge to suitability and respect a cat’s imitations despite an owner’s good intention. Not all “therapy” pets are. There are those (esp. dog owners) who say they have therapy pets in order to take advantage i.e. flying in the airline cabins without weight restrictions.
    Layla Morgan Wilde (Cat Wisdom 101) recently posted…Cat Sense — Now In Paperback & GiveawayMy Profile


  2. Glogirly & Katie

    August 23, 2014 at 5:08 pm

    So wonderful!!!! Thank you for helping get the word out. The world needs more therapy cats!!!
    : )
    Glogirly & Katie recently posted…TV Trip: The Waffles Tyler More (please) ShowMy Profile


  3. The Island Cats

    August 22, 2014 at 8:54 am

    The mom wishes we could be therapy kitties…but we weren’t trained as such soon enough. Therapy kitties is such a great idea!
    The Island Cats recently posted…What’s That Wally Doing?My Profile


  4. The Swiss Cats

    August 22, 2014 at 8:23 am

    Thank you for the informations ! We’re going to visit their website! Purrs
    The Swiss Cats recently posted…Comment aider votre vieux chat à rester propreMy Profile


  5. Sparkle

    August 22, 2014 at 5:35 am

    I’m so glad to see you spreading the word! The new kitty who is coming here will be training to do this.

    Thanks so much for your kind words, in the past and right now. They mean a lot to me and my human.
    Sparkle recently posted…Thank YouMy Profile


  6. Brian

    August 22, 2014 at 4:14 am

    That is such a good thing with so many great possibilities!
    Brian recently posted…Thankful Thursday: When the PTU Is Not for YouMy Profile


  7. Random Felines

    August 22, 2014 at 2:27 am

    we think this idea is awesome….
    Random Felines recently posted…state of the catsMy Profile


  8. Basil

    August 21, 2014 at 10:17 pm

    A fab idea, paws crossed they get the non-profit status!


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