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Thrilling 2023 Cat Writers Certificates!

I want to update everyone on our successful submissions to the prestigious Cat Writers’ Association (CWA) awards and to mention some tremendous friends who also achieved success.

The Certificates took barely a week to reach us in New Zealand and here is the blog’s Certificate. They are beautifully printed on top quality heavy paper with a dazzling golden paw seal!

Receiving a Certificate is a very special moment and puts you in the running for a Muse® Medallion.

Dash Kitten Images

I am delighted to let you know that one of my images made the final cut in the ‘Single Image‘ category. You can see my photograph of Jack (below). I was also awarded a Certificate in the ‘Series‘ category for my set of photos about Miranda’s journey back to health after her arrow attack.

  • Miranda’s Certificate is special – Muse or not, I am proud the judges appreciated her journey.

Competition was fierce this year with 31 entries in the Single Image category and only 9 Certificates awarded. But, tough judging aside, I am thrilled to see so many people enter their images. This means cat photography is becoming a CWA category for bloggers to genuinely consider submitting their work to.

  • You don’t need to submit the perfect photo, you submit a photo that means something important to you. Yes, being sharp counts for something but personality, humour and a fun shot count for a lot too.
black and white portrait of a cat. Closeup.
A Senior Reflects

Dash Kitten Blog

The Blog got a Certificate of Excellence which is lovely, although I feel we can do so much more to help people learn about cat photography. The Let’s Talk About section is coming along….

Miranda Victrix Cat recovering from arrow attack sits on a wooden railing
Miranda Victrix (one of the series)

Praise For Blogging Colleagues

The quality of blog posts by CWA members continues to climb and some categories dazzle with their range of posts. Health, Behaviour and Welfare posts are an essential and critical tool in keeping the public up to date on cat issues; and the creative sumissions like stories, art and poems are thrilling to see.

I want to take a moment to spotlight some valued friends who you will know and applaud with me.

  • The Kitties Blue do brilliantly with their blog (Did you see Sawyer turned 7 this past week?) Periwinkle and Stinky also caught the judges’ attention. Those two are pure magic and their adventures are always fun to follow.
  • Melissa and Mudpie Melissa submitted a fantastic image of Mudpie. It is just SO gorgeous and a worthy Certificate honoree.
  • Sierra Koester mum to Tylan and Giovanni is the Editor of Purrseverance where Harvey’s story appears. She submitted some lovely cat articles.
  • Beverley Garland of I Love to Draw Cats is an artist whose skills I love. Beverley does breathtaking portraits and is scheduled to do one of our cats. She actually did a New Zealand cat before – check out the video! She is amazing!

11 thoughts on “Thrilling 2023 Cat Writers Certificates!”

  1. Huge concats, Marjorie *applaws applaws* Your blog is fantastic, your newsletters fabulous, your pictures are outstanding and you are just wonderful, so well deserved😺😸Here come Extra Pawkisses for the occassion for you and the kitties too🐾😽💞

  2. Huge congratulations on your well deserved certificates, and I truly can’t thank you enough for your support and encouragement!

    • I love to see new photographers winning certificates. I am so proud of your and Mudpie’s photo and your success.

  3. Many congrats and concats to you on the COE’s, Marjorie! Well deserved! Congrats also to the other COE winners!

  4. Your photographs have come on in leaps and bounds. And your website really impresses.
    All your effort is paying off now, and each year is bringing rewards for you and wonderful images and advice for us all.
    Well done!

  5. Woohoo! Congratulations to you, and to so many of our friends, on your well-deserved certificates! We’re so, so proud pf you!


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