Don’t Be a Cat Food Snob. What Food do YOU feed your cat?

We all have our favourite food but no-one here is a pet food snob! Have you met your local pet food snob? This kind of negativity you do not need as a household on a budget for pet food.

‘Oh I only feed my cat XX or XX, or I only use cat food that is handmade. I never feed it ANYTHING else” and they say it with such a superior ‘catitude’ you feel an inch high.

We are thankful for the food that arrives in our bowl every day, whether it is premium brand, or a more economic brand to fill a gap in the schedule! So, we join our friends at Brian’s Forever Home to celebrate the one thing we are most thankful for, our daily food bowl of Fancy Feast wet cat food.

Pet Food Snob

What is a Pet Food Snob?

  • A pet food snob expresses horror at the thought of anyone feeding ‘economy brand’ food to their pet. They forget that people on a limited budget buy what they can afford, not what they might love to feed their cat given a few more $$.
  • A food snob makes people feel they are bad pet parents if they don’t feed premium food.
Pet Food Snobs

Dusty loves his raw. It is good fresh New Zealand meat.

How to Fight the Pet Food Snob

  • Don’t tell people what food you give your pet, it is none of their business!
  • Love your pet, feed what you can afford, and love your pet some more.
  • Do not feel guilty for not feeding food that might take up half your weekly family budget!
  • Remember, the food a fussy person might turn down, will be warmly welcomed by a rescue, or TNR group feeding ferals.

We all want the best for our pets whether its wet cat food brands or dried.  But, often, balancing your budget in these tough times means cents needs to be shaved off here and there.

For those in a tight corner, it is worth checking to see if there are ‘pet pantries‘ nearby. The friends we met last year at Kitty Corner, in the Bay area of San Francisco have a scheme to get pet supplies to local families in need. Make sure you look for this kind of help and keep a note in case friends need them. Knowing this kind of help is available can mean a pet stays with a family rather than gets surrendered to a shelter.

We are thankful for our home, and our food, and guess you are too – right?

Silver Kitten
Lucky Cat





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  1. Last year at this time, I was feeding dehydrated raw, now I’m lucky to keep food in their dish. Hoping for a change in my luck soon.

  2. People who love their cats feed them the best food they can afford – but “what they can afford” is different for everyone! Thank you for posting this.

  3. What a wonderful post Silver. Mommy will never forget that a pet food snob shamed her for feeding Whiskers an economy food back in 2007 (it was all she could afford at that time) and told her it was her fault he died of kidney failure. The pet food snobs premium brand wound up on the recall list a few days latter, which made Mommy feel a little less guilty.

    Mostly we eat the premium brands now, but sometimes when unexpected expenses crop up we still have to economize where we can, those of us who don’t have to eat special diets eat economy food as do the people.

  4. Feed what you can afford. Those commercials touting premium pet food miss the point. “Tis a far, far better thing that I do…” in feeding an animal – “than I have ever done” – than letting an animal so she won’t suffer and starve to death.

    When you’re hungry you don’t care about the best, you just want something to fill the emptiness of the stomach.

  5. Great post and we could agree more! We are always most thankful for our food and the excellent service we receive at meal time! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  6. What you say makes the most sense we’ve ever heard. We try to do that here. M lets me dictate what she buys. If i don’t eat it, she nver buys it again.

  7. Yes, se loved this post and agree with you 100 percent. If I don’t like it, M won’t buy it again – no matter how expensive or cheap it is. More expensive doesn’t always mean better – it’s just their marketing might be better.

  8. Great post silver kitten. I’ve heard so many people talk about this issue, that I did’t even know what to think but I believe if you can afford nourishing cat feed for your feline friend then go for it, they deserve the best. Thanks for this post.