Cat Memorial Ideas as Unique as Your Cat

Cat Memorial Ideas as Unique as Your Cat

Pet memorial ideas can be tough to find, if its a cat memorial of your own, or a pet memorial for a friend – grief can get in the way of finding the best memorial gift. 

So we are happy to welcome Cara Imperato as our Pet Memorial Ideas guest curator to make your search for the perfect memorial a lot easier. Cara sources cat-inspired and handmade goods by independent artists and crafters. 

Cara has curated a timeless collection on a subject that touches every cat owner – remembrances and memorials for those pets we love. We have become fans of Cara’s expert curation, and hope you will enjoy this selection. [Cara uses affiliate links – which we are happy to include.]   

Are You Looking for Personalised Pet Memorial Ideas?

As every cat lover knows, losing your feline companion is truly heartbreaking. Each cat leaves a permanent imprint on your soul, whether they’ve been part of your family for years or only a few months. Pet memorials are a healthy way to grieve the loss of your friend. It’s also a caring way to show support to someone you love who has lost a pet.

I’ve carefully chosen some unique custom portrait ideas, handcrafted by talented artists who are also animal lovers. Sharing your photo with the artist, talking a bit about your cat’s personality and watching your memorial come together is a beautifully therapeutic process. I found that sharing and appreciating cat-inspired art helped me work through the loss of my beloved cat, Callie. She only lived five short years, but her loving presence helped me survive the most turbulent period of my life. My blog, Kitty Curator, is an ongoing memorial to her beauty and unconditional love.

I look forward to hearing your favourites in the comments! 

Pet Memorial Ideas for Cats Artist graphic

Ink Lane Design 

Elaine (above)  is the talented graphic designer behind these adorable digital illustrations. I love the whimsical feel. You send a photo and any requests for the background and wording. She even provides a proof in case you’d like revisions before it’s finished. Available as a digital file or high-quality print. Starts at $59.99, depending on number of pets and printing options. (Etsy)

Pet Memorial Ideas Stuffies

Smittens Knuffels 

I don’t know about you, but having a huggable version of my cat after he/she passed would be tremendously comforting. Anna of Smittens Knuffels hand makes each stuffed animal in her home in Amsterdam. As you can see from the picture, she takes great care to match the coat for a sweet representation of your furry companion. These pet stuffies are made to order for $60.81. (Etsy)

Pet Memorial Ideas Mosaic

Flower Floozy Designs 

You can tell right away that Karen Earnhardt, owner of Flower Floozy Designs, is a caring animal lover who will take great care to represent your beloved pet. She says, “Each piece of stained glass is cut and applied to the portrait to create a beautiful likeness of your special baby.” This custom-made mosaic is $200, and would certainly be a treasured memorial. Etsy. Maybe commission a cat mosaic headstone or image to be mounted on a headstone.

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Pet Memorial Ideas Unique Cat image


If you’re seeking something out the ordinary with a vintage feel, Silvia Beneforti (ab0ve) can create a gorgeous representation of your cat on an antique book page. She will hand paint in watercolor and tempera based on the photograph you provide. $40.00 for a signed, original piece. Handmade at Amazon.

Commemorative Iage for Your CatMimandarina

Irene is a young illustrator from Spain who adds a soft sweetness to her digital portraits. She is more than happy to customize little additions like flowers or bow ties to best represent the personality of your pet. She is an animal lover herself, and wants to create something that really captures your cat’s essence. Digital file for $46.44, more depending on number of pets. Etsy

painted memorial pendant for a cat Peony Peacock Studio 

Imagine having an original watercolor of your sweet cat inside a beautiful necklace that you can wear close to your heart. Sowmya makes every pendant from scratch – from the first sketch to the last stroke in her NYC home studio. The cat painting is sealed under clear glass and antique silver for $59.95. Also available as a key ring.

Cat Memorial p;icture

Artsy Emmy the Crafter 

These beautiful miniature portraits are 1.25″ X 2″ before framing. The artist, Emmy, creates them using watercolor, acrylics, colored pencil and India ink. She then mats and frames your portrait with real wood picture molding. I chose to include this one because it’s affordable due of its size, but with all the attention to detail you’d expect for a quality portrait. $44.99 Etsy

J Beth Bish 

If you’re a fan of pop art (or perhaps your cat had a very colorful personality…) – Jillian can create a custom piece of art for you. She’s happy to work with you until you’re happy with the image. She sends as a digital file, which you can then print on anything you’d like. $38.00, more depending on number of pets. Etsy

felted cat figure standing

Felted Animals Studio 

Linda is the Latvian felt artist behind these incredibly realistic custom cats. You must view her other creations on Etsy to get a sense of how much time and effort she puts into crafting an exact likeness of your beloved pet. There is even a wired skeleton so you can move the tail, paws and head. These custom cat figures are $70.00. Etsy


Cat Silhouettes

Silhouettes by Elle 

The steady hands of artist Elle transform your photo into a beautiful hand paper cut out in black acid-free paper. I’ve often gazed at the shadow of my cat sitting at the window. This would make a unique and beautiful memorial. Elle can customize the size and background color as well. $35.00 Etsy

Shari Fawn Art 

I’m personally a fan of folk art, so I had to include a cat portrait in this style. It offers lots of room for adding fun cat quirks. The artist Shari will hand paint your portrait using acrylic on canvas. You’ll receive a sketch to approve before she begins painting. $70.00, $10.00 to add your pet’s name. Etsy

 Cut out Cats Lovely and naiveLianne Illustrates 

Mixed media and collage is also a huge favorite of mine, so forgive me for including yet another of my personal styles! I love the quirkiness of Lianne’s creations. She will create a sketch for your approval first, then begin the process of gluing the collage to high-quality paper. $51.95, additional depending on number of pets. Etsy

Cat Face Embroidery

Nichole Alvarado

My confession – I think if I could only have one of these portraits, it would be this one. Who knew the level of detail and expression you could achieve with embroidery? Nichole Alvarado is very talented and often has a waiting list. She puts 9-12 hours into each creation. $135.00 Hoopla

Cute Cat Portrait

Nichole Piar 

Nicole Piar’s cat portraits are just magical. Her style of watercolor, along with her natural intuition, comes together to create something truly unique. She works closely with you to understand your cat’s personality to bring it to life in a gorgeous painting you can cherish. $250.00 Artist Own Site.    


Cat memorials small plymer clay figures
Nico Made Me

Nicoleta makes these delightful portraits entirely out of polymer clay. As she explains, “each detail is a tiny piece of colored clay added by hand. The process doesn’t involve painting, which makes it more difficult, but the finish is more realistic and the colors last longer.” $65.00 for one cat, additional depending on number of pets. Etsy

Thanks to Cara for some inspiring ideas for memorials, this will be a popular post.

Miranda Kitten
Memorial Editor
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  1. What a wonderful way to remember your pet who has crossed over the rainbow bridge. When Baby passed a friend of mine made me a bracelet with different photo’s of her which I keep on my desk.

  2. It would not be possible for me to choose a favorite — it would be like asking me to choose a favorite cat. Each is special, unique, and treasured, as are these beautiful works of art.

  3. Ok, these are awesome. You just cost me a small fortune. Selecting is going to be challenging. I’ve got one cat to remember and one cat and dog living to honour. I wonder if any of these artist have done horses?

  4. What a cool collection of memorial or gift ideas. I have a little watercolor of Kilo by Sadie & Co in our group which I LOVE- those are beautiful. I am also a big fan of mixed media – our kids’ series Penny P Pug uses paint and paper collage. I love the stuffed and felt options. I have been looking for a plush black pug and may have to commission. Inspired.

  5. They are all fantastic! I don’t know where to start. If I had an unlimited budget, I would do the stained glass or watercolor by Nicole Piar. Love the posable felt kitty and fat felt huggable too. But then I like……oh my! Love them all!!!
    Marty’s Mom

  6. Wow! These ideas are amazing. I think my favorite is the watercolor necklace. There’s just something about being able to wear your memory around your neck. Those little-felted cats are really neat too. It is crazy how realistic they can be!

  7. It took me years to be able to even talk about my dog dying. I know that have a memorial for her in so many ways has gently helped with the passage of time. I love seeing all these ways to memorialize our treasured babies.

  8. Thank you to everyone who commented – I’m thrilled that you enjoyed my selections! All of the artists are clearly animal lovers, and I’m sure would take great care to create the perfect memorial. And thank you Marjorie for your help making the post look perfect. xoxo

  9. Great posty. Mommy was given a keychain with sis Lexi inside and a necklace too. She hasn’t used either yet fur anythin’ other than lookin’ at and admirin’. We think she’s ‘fraid she might lose ’em and dat would tear her to pieces. She says it would be just like losin’ sissy all ocer again. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  10. I LOVE this post!! Such amazing artists! I have a Henry Cuddle Clone and I know it;ll comfort me when he eventually passes. I am definitely going to go check out a bunch of these artists!

  11. Wow, these are amazing!!! I want them all!! Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful memorial ideas. I haven’t settled on a memorial for my sweet little Milton yet, and maybe I have found it in one of these portraits. Thank you so much.

  12. I’m going to look into these! Right now, I have a very rudimentary (and cheap) memorial to Kitty… but this year will be the 10 year anniversary of her crossing The Bridge and it might be time to upgrade. I have a picture of her hanging on my wall … along with the little envelope of fur I snipped, a couple whiskers and claw sheathes I found. Originally, I had her favorite toy sitting on top of the frame … but Bear kept ripping it off, so I tucked it away for safe keeping 🙂

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