Today is the first of our monthly book reviews – Street Cat Bob.  Some of the books we review will be new books, some older ones that I want to bring to the attention of new readers!  There will be a review, with details about publisher and editions at the bottom of the page.

Street Cat Bob: How one man and his cat found hope on the streets

This is a good book. Not only is it a great story about how a handsome ginger tom finds a loving home, it’s a story about a life turned around with love and hope. In the book James has already travelled a long journey into darkness, he recounts this concisely, and with honesty, as part of his tale.  It allows us to see where James came from and just how great the impact of Bob would be on his life.

We see the effect Bob makes on James and his busking (street performance) in Covent Garden, London; their daily life and times in the capital, their struggles and their triumphs.  We can all relate to ‘The Longest Night’ where Bob goes missing and James realises just how terrible this loss might be – and the moment when James realises he is strong enough to go ‘clean’ with Bob by his side.

This is a heartwarming, clear-eyed and honest tale about how a cat turned around a life that was going nowhere, and gave it focus and hope. Whatever James and Bob do now – I wish them a safe, happy and peaceful life.

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Title A Street Cat Named Bob
Author James Bowen
Publisher Hodder & Stoughton, 2012
ISBN 1444737139, 9781444737134
Length 288 pages
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