Meet Dash Kitten, and Marjorie who runs the blog.

Hi my name is Marjorie Dawson, I run the blog Dash Kitten, ably assisted by our host of felines who chip in with blog posts to help our worldwide buddies.

Whskr in Brisbane

One of our main aims is to encourage readers, and sponsors, to look beyond their borders to the potential of blogs worldwide for friendship, company publicity, sponsorship and education.

The blog at Dash Kitten spotlights cats, and fun, and we aim to encourage and educate, from our corner of the world; the wonderful country of New Zealand.  The internet makes the world a much smaller place, but also means our reach extends around the world to the USA, Europe and Australasia.

BlogPaws Finalist for PetCube

In March 2017 the blog at Dash Kitten became a proud double Finalist at the BlogPaws 2017 Nose to Nose Awards. BlogPaws is the premiere pet industry awards in which pet bloggers, and social media influencers, are judged on the expertise, performance, and creativity of their entries.  Here is our sponsored post for the stylish Petcube, and our New Zealand duckling rescue video.

Nose to Nose BlogPaws Best Pet Video 

We are often known as the country of Middle-Earth, a label inspired by the trilogy of films making up the Lord of the Rings, and The Hobbit, both brought to the screen by Kiwi (New Zealander) Peter Jackson. Incidentally, Mr Jackson has a feline supervisor of his own, Mr Smudge!

senior cat

Meet Dash Kitten and Get In Touch!!

We are ideally placed to spread the word for sponsors stepping on to the world stage for the first time; or consolidating their presence in the minds of cat lovers worldwide. [Get in touch for our sponsored posts rate card!]

Meet Dash Kitten – The Helping Blog

Dash Kitten is a ‘helping blog’, we create respect and confidence with well researched reportage (and a few opinions thrown in by the cats!). This means that what we say we mean, and we make it count for our readers. 

We also take seriously the needs of our readers to be, or become, proficient with the basic technical skills to navigate the ‘net safely and with confidence, and we are working on ebook materials for our educational outreach.

Cat image
Founder Cat Dash Kitten

Meet Dash Kitten – Our Rescue Work

Dash Kitten is constantly looking at how it can help, whether it is with a fund-raiser, publicising a cat in need outside Facebook’s limits, or spreading the word for groups like local stray and TNR group The Outpawed Rescue Trust and our adopted USA rescue Place for Cats, a foster network in New York City. 

We provide guidance for less experienced fund-raisers, having run major fund-raisers and auctions. We donate items for auctions by USA 501(c)3 and New Zealand registered charities, and also generate valuable publicity via our Facebook page, Twitter Team and, of course, the blog here at

Meet the Dash Kitten Staff who do ” drama” and excitement!

Marjorie says……. “I was knocked off my motorbike in June 2015! Thankfully the damage was restricted to a broken tibia and tibia, and I have recovered well. Hospitals are not my favourite place so I escaped as soon as I could and recovered at home surrounded by cats! Ask any pet blogger – the best treatment is always a cat!” We also had a major dram Christmas 2016 when Dusty was rushed to the vet – read more here!

Meet Dash Kitten the broken leg xray
Mum’s dramatic x-ray!!

Dash Kitten has Brainy Back-Up

Our Dad is Paul Henderson, also known as Phi. He is a professional ‘Crossword Setter’ and one of Great Britain’s most respected crossword creatives. Paul has a blog that he updates regularly, there is often a copy of a crossword there, but be warned – Phi’s crosswords can be tough! He also appears in the classically focused BBC Music Magazine every month and several British national daily newspapers.


Meet Dash Kitten – our history

Dash Kitten died on 6th September 2013. His loss is mourned by everyone who knew him. His work has been taken on up the staff known as Team Dash KittenHarvey Button, Phoebe kitten, Dusty Cat, Silver Kitten and Editor-in-Chief Miranda Kitten – who give all visitors a warm welcome, meet them here!

Dash Kitten had a mission. We cannot bring ourselves to take it down. We present it here to honour our lost boy.

Dash’s Mission Statement :-

Hello everyone.  My name is Dash Kitten, (yeah I am grown up now, but Mum never broke the habit!) I moved over to WordPress from Blogger and am now settled in nicely thanks to the support of friends on Twitter and at Blogpaws. I have micro-opthalmia but in spite of this manage to keep Mum on her toes and most of my siblings in line.  Younger sisfur Miranda writes our Shopping Saturday post – always worth a look for the variety of items her magpie mind discovers. 

I try to cover small technical items, animal action and things that affect the anipal community at large.  I have attended the Blogpaws conference as Flat Dash thanks to Twitter friend @Pumpkinpuddy and mum hopes to attend in person one day. The family lives at the centre of Middle Earth, also knows as New Zealand, and our nearest big town is Wellington.  This is a fabulous country and as a proud member of the #wlf I patrol, as an outside cat, my local area with diligence and care.

Join the Crew!

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    I didn’t know this site was here and was pleasantly surprised when I was sent a link. Such valuable info! Thank you and keep up the great work.



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    What a grand site and what a lovely contribution to the feline world. I leave a comment with great admiration.


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