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A Roaring Cat Success Captured

A Roaring Cat Success Captured

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I have not featured Jack our ginger boy for some time, and I know you will consider this portrait a ‘roaring cat success’. But, it’s is not what you think.

Can you see what’s missing?

When I shared this photograph with my subscribers as a special preview a few spotted it.

Ginger cat yawning and showing his teeth
Jack Yawns – ISO 200 f/7.1 1/2000

Yes, Jack’s right incisor is gone! He only has one pointy tooth at the front!

Jack had major dental work last year and while it left him feeling a lot better, one of his sharpest teeth had to go. The result for Jack is no more gingivitis, no dental pain and more comfortable access to his food, plus I get the chance to take an epic photo 😉

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How I Took Jack’s Photo

Do you notice that I am looking directly across at Jack’s profile? I am at ground level and able to get a good view across to him. I am not looking down, which can seem to diminish your cat’s presence and character. I can hold my camera steady on my knee and this helps because I am zooming in from far away with a telephoto lens.

Jack was quite active so I made sure my shutter speed was high. OK, it’s really high for me, usually, 1/250 or so works but this time I went over the top with 1/2000 but it worked. I captured a cool roaring cat success!

I am pleased it worked. What do you think?

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13 thoughts on “A Roaring Cat Success Captured”

  1. I love his snaggle tooth! Glad he is feeling better and that you caught him at just the right moment for this photo.

  2. ya still look most handsum dood…..for sure…..and we hurd yur song kleer over heer cross de pond !!!!! ♫♪♫♫♫♪♫…. happee singing and happee week a head 🙂 ♥♥

  3. Hmmm…We were sure we commented. Things have been doscombobulated when we have tried to comment this week. We LOVE this photo of Jack! He has the purrfect roar! We love how the blueish background juxtaposes with the orange of his furs! We hope you have had a marvellous Monday!

  4. He is such a handsome boy. My Sammy had to have one of his removed in 2019 and I had the vet save it for me. XO

  5. Oh, MY!! Yes I did see his ‘fang’ was missing. Glad he is feeling better, though. That is the most important thing.
    I can’t set my shutter speed that high…my camera is not advanced or a DSLR…I wish…


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