Kili The Dwarf Costume

Check our pictures of Kili The Dwarf Costume – they are really impressive.

The costumes for The Hobbit are impressive in the amount of beautifully detailed work they show, and this applies to Kili The Dwarf Costume as much as any of the others. Join  us for a look in close up of some costume detail.

As one of those closest to Thorin Oakenshield you might expect an elaborate costume with lots of trimmings to show his status. In fact, Kili’s costume, for most of The Hobbit, is full of detail but very practical.

This is a dwarf who is prepared for rough travel, but, there are some very nice creative touches. If you check out the montage below, you will see the finely worked leather cross belt, sleeve bracers and the embroidery on the front of the jacket.

There is also what look like some nice stamping or textured tooling work on the leather sleeves of Kili’s coat, and stamped and shaped metal studs on the belt and complimentary sleeve bracers.

Kili The Dwarf Costume

Kili Embroidered Jerkin

We must admit that this and Fili’s costumes are amongst the most difficult we tried to photograph on our Hobbit costume travels! They stood in the middle of Wellington Airport’s busy central arrivals/departures area with a lot of light, many shops and crowds of people on the move.

In spite of this, I hope we captured enough details of Anne Maskrey and Bob Buck’s amazing work for 3 foot 7 Costume Department, on Kili’s costume.

In the well written Tolkien Gateway wiki you will find a biography of Fili and his part in The Hobbit. It is well worth a read.

  • For more reports on the costumes that were originally part of the Hobbit Costume Trail – check here

Harvey Button
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Kili The Dwarf Costume Pictures




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  1. harvey….dood….manee thanx for sharin thiz with uz !!!! ….hiz coztoomz total lee rockin; itz sew kewl how all theeze custoomz were created; think oh de time & effort that went inta each one….we apurrciatez seein em all…. dee tale like thiz…. ya canna see on de moovee screen !! insert heartz XXX

  2. Everything about the movies has been thrilling, from scenery to costume… the magic really is in the detail. Its seldom that we get a close up of these things. Thank You for sharing… purrs
    Erin the Cat recently posted…WOW!My Profile