Gloin The Dwarf Costume from The Hobbit

One of the biggest challenges is getting pictures of the Gloin The Dwarf Costume! was the light! He didn’t jump up and down or run across country like in the movie BUT he was in a dark hotel foyer and, as you can see in the picture below, heavily backlit from a sunny street! We managed to get some pretty cool shots though and fabulous detail!

Gloin The Dwarf Costume from The HobbitGloin (played by Peter Hambleton) was one of the dwarves who accompanied Thorin Oakenshield on his quest to the Lonely Mountain, Erebor. According to the book of The Hobbit, Gloin thinks Bilbo Baggins looks more like a grocer than a burglar, which annoys Bilbo enough to make him join the quest! Gloin survived the Battle of the Five Armies and settled in the Lonely Mountain afterwards. He is also father to Gimli who plays a big part in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Gloin The Dwarf Costume

Although not one of the major characters in The Hobbit, the attention to detail is stunning. The fabric of the jacket and trousers looks like a russet velour, brushed cotton, or soft ‘kid’ like texture, with a leaf motif stamped into the fabric (see right arm below). There appear to be at least two layers to the jacket bottom, each edged in leather and with the fabric appearing to be woven as strips making a panel around the hem.

Gloin controls the money during the voyage and is also fond of grooming his hair in an elaborate fashion

The gauntlets are either very elaborate and long enough to form protective arm bracers, or a shorter gauntlet with bracers attached, and they are one of the costume’s chief glories! The leatherwork looks quite elaborate and has a plaited top edge. The belt is wide tooled leather and has an heavy double pronged buckle.

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As a final and very practical finishing touch – there are a couple of shaped leather pouches attached to Gloin’s belt.These look very realistically ‘worn in’, as if Gloin has been carrying them around since he made them, or was given them as a youth. They look practical, polished to a dark brown patina with age and a fine example of the leather maker’s art.

We are amazed at the detail, and the invention by Anne Maskrey and Bob Buck of 3 Foot 7 Costume Department, and the way so much details fuses together to become one very specific character in The Hobbit film. Next time you settle down to watch the Hobbit series – remember the wealth of detail you may never see but which forms a vital part of the actor’s mental preparation for the role!

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