Read Across America Day

'Rescued' from Great Plains Rescue

Did you know it was Read Across America Day on March the 2nd? It was also the birthday of Theodor Seuss Geisel, or Dr Seuss – beloved of so many for his crazy characters and fun wordplay. President Obama himself signed an official Proclamation and spoke eloquently about the power and magic of reading.

Literacy, the ability to read and understand words, is a great gift – it’s why our Mum teaches literacy (see our post here). Can you imagine not being able to read books? Blogs? Twitter? A rental agreement? You are on the back foot from the get go – right? The ability to read, discover and enjoy stories should be within the reach of everyone so they can enjoy books they will love like Rescued.

Why this book is awesome:-

  • Each story writer chooses the rescue the months’ profits go to and for March, Ryker’s family have Great Plains Rescue very close to their hearts.  Great Plains work flat out to keep cats and kittens safe, healthy and rehomable. They go above and beyond for the animals.
  • Head over to get your copy of Rescued from Ryker’s blog and you get a genuinely unique special extra treat that will really make the book the perfect gift for you or a friend. (image used with permission of Lisa L Richman).

Being able to read is a blessing, sit quietly somewhere and take a breath – find stillness with your book, and a cat nearby.

Happy Read Across America Day – and Every Day.

Silver Kitten and Marjorie
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45 thoughts on “Read Across America Day

  1. Nathana

    I love your point that reading is a blessing. Literacy is something we all to often take for granted. I can’t imagine how sad life would be if I couldn’t read!


  2. Maureen

    What a wonderful post. Reading is such a gift. I have a brother who is dyslexic so I know the struggles that those who cannot read effortlessly encounter!


  3. Nicole R (@AlwaysReiding)

    Awww, your guest poster is adorable! I forgot about the reading day, but am happy that it happened on Dr Suess’ birthday.


  4. Kimberly

    I love reading and my home is filled with books. I don’t however have a kitten to snuggle up and read with. I am allergic to cats unfortunately. My dog does love to cuddle though!


  5. Mary Ellen/ Whisk Together

    We LOVE kitties – my kids would LOVE this book! To celebrate, we had green eggs and ham at a local restaurant and the library provided crafts afterwards.


  6. Tat

    I read all the time and imagining to be unable to read is scary. Thank you for sharing this wonderful project, I’ll head over now to check it out.


  7. Jill

    I knew it was reading month because I have two kids in daycare and school and so its all about reading right now. We love Dr. Seuss books!


  8. Patti Barnes

    I can’t imagine not having books in our lives.


  9. Shannon

    I did not know that about March 2nd but did know that many school celebrate “Dr. Seuss Day”. Reading is so great & opens a lot for our minds to think about.


  10. Kim F. Hoyer

    Reading is the best gift I have ever got…or been given!


  11. Ginger P. Arboleda

    Thanks for telling me about this book 🙂 I’ll check it out!


  12. Tamara

    I did not know it was Read Across America. I consider it a blessing that I know how to read & that my children have the ability to do so as well. I also looked at the Rescued link. It looks like a great read. Thanks for sharing.


  13. Karren Haller

    I didnt know is was Read Across America.
    There is nothing better than being able to read, no matter what or where, I always take the opportunity to find and read something. Guess I need to find e-books too.


  14. Kristina

    I own a small preschool and we are celebrating Dr Suess every day this month. He had so many funny, interesting, and educational books. We just read Green eggs and ham today. I always get the children engaged in the book by doing an activity that goes along with whatever we are reading. Like today for example, it is popcorn lovers day so I colored some of the popcorn pieces green and asked the children to try it. They all got a good laugh at it but only one child actually tried it.
    Reading is so important in life. I don’t want to think about where we would be without it.


  15. Jennifer

    Ryker looks like my last siamese cat…{sigh} I just love cats, and this book looks like such a fabulous read. Thank you for sharing with us!


  16. Heather

    I love reading but I don’t have enough time to devote to it properly. Love Dr Seuss and so does my son.


  17. Jay of Relaxed Thairapy

    Being able to read is a blessing but I don’t prefer to read books and such. I do a lot of reading at work so when I get home, I enjoy just doing some lazy web surfing, catching up on internet talk or magazine sifting.


  18. Donna

    Reading is something my boys haven’t found easy since starting school, but they’re starting to enjoy it now and it’s opening up a whole new world to them. I’ve always read to my sons, but now they can start to read books themselves they’re having so much fun


  19. Glogirly

    And what a purrfectly wonderful book to curl up with!
    Ryker’s rescue story has touched our hearts…we can’t say enough good things about Rescued.


  20. Troy S.

    Dr. Seuss was amazing that is for sure. I wrote about him recently on 1KSmiles. I hear he was not a particularly nice man and did not fancy children but his writing was much more intense than just silly poems and stories. It was actually very complex style.


  21. Kara

    I can’t imagine going through life and being unable to read. So many important things in our lives require the ability to read. Additionally, I get so much out of the books I read, so I’m thankful that I have the ability to do so! Great post. Thank you!


  22. Charlie

    The ability to read is one of the greatest gifts to have. I have been an avid reader since I was very young, and I have tried to instill that in my children. (Two out of three isn’t bad.) Every person should be given the chance to learn to read.

    Happy belated birthday, Dr. Seuss! Thanks for the amazing stories you’ve shared with us all.


  23. Michelle

    i didn’t even realize it was read Across America Day on March 2nd! We should have celebrated:)


  24. Alli

    I can’t imagine not being able to read. I’m an avid reader and I credit my mom and 1st grade teacher for instilling my lifelong love of reading. Going to the library as a child was the best treat ever.


  25. Ashley Krout - i Find Hope

    I read so much that I don’t think I’ve ever stopped to wonder how it would be if I were illiterate. That would be very limiting and fortunately it’s a decreasing problem. I love that this also benefits cats needing rescued. My two dogs are rescues and I have a soft spot for that mission <3


  26. Linda Davidson

    Love reading and cats. What a beautiful way to help cats find good homes.


  27. Tiffany

    Illiteracy is much more common where I come from, and the man who does my family’s yardwork is illiterate. He knows how to read numbers because he needs to read his paycheck, and he can read his name but I’m not sure if he knows how to write it, except for his signature. He is a happy man and he gets paid well for his job but he knows his limitations because of his illiteracy. Luckily, this problem is steadily decreasing. I’m so thankful that I was taught how to read and write at an early age and cannot imagine my life had I not learned literacy!


  28. Becky

    Yes it is a blessing to read and enjoy reading silently.


  29. Kimberly Gauthier

    I’m an avid reader and I’m usually reading 2 books and listening to 1. Right now, I’m re-reading a series and picking up on all these things that I missed during the first read through.

    My mom and I have had a rocky relationship, but one thing that she gifted me with was a love of books and I’m so thankful and remembering this has helped me move past a lot of resentment to work on a better relationship with her.

    Thanks for the heads up about this project.


  30. Amanda Hopkins

    A world without reading? I couldn’t imagine it! Thank you for sharing about Rescued. I need to look into that and add it to my collection of books!


  31. Jennifer

    I can’t imagine not being able to read. It really is such a blessing that I never take for granted.
    “Rescued” looks like such a great book and wonderful cause!
    Thank you for sharing!


  32. Mariodacat

    Thanks for featuring this book. I just ordered a copy this morning from Ryker’s family. Can’t wait to get it. Thanks for reading my blog. M’s back has been bad
    At rely so she doesn’t help. E read blogs much these days.


  33. Layla Morgan Wilde (Cat Wisdom 101)

    Great choice. Btw, the pinterest button didn’t work but I shared on G+


    1. Dash Kitten

      Hmm? * lifts bonnet to check * Miss Layla, we checked and report as follows, Mum could share it with her own Pinterest OK. Maybe try again sometime in case Pinterest threw a wobbly on you.


  34. Savannah's Paw Tracks

    I am sure this will be a smashing hit book for all the authors


  35. The Island Cats

    We can’t wait to get our copy!


  36. Summer

    It’s so exciting to see everyone so enthusiastic about Rescued! My human is getting the Pubslush thank you copies ready for the printer right now!


  37. Maxwell, Faraday & Allie

    Thank you SO much for featuring Ryker and his story in Rescued for today’s post!
    We agree – the ability to read a book is such a precious thing. And we love being able to sit with rescue kitties and cuddle them while reading, too. 🙂


  38. Austin Towers

    We can’t wait to read this book. We were very lucky as we won it in a draw at Brian’s Home!!


  39. Sometimes Cats Herd You

    We can’t wait to read this book… the head peep is getting extra tissues, just in case, so she’s ready to read it.


  40. The Swiss Cats

    We love your post, especially Mum who teaches everyday to her pupils (6-8 years old) who to read ! What a great shout-out for the wonderful project “Rescued” ! Purrs


  41. Glogirly & Katie

    We’re in love with this book!!!
    And what a beautiful post you’ve put together for such a special day.


  42. Dezi and Lexi

    Pawsum posty. We so agwee dat evewy one shuld hav da oppurrtunity and abillitty to wead.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi


  43. meowmeowmans

    Hi Silver and Marjorie!

    We love your post. You are so right … literacy is such an amazing gift. Thank you, Mum Marjorie, for giving that gift to others with your teaching. 🙂

    Happy Read Across America Day (and Happy Dr. Seuss Day, too).


    p.s. – We have already ordered our copy of Rescued, and can hardly wait to READ it. 🙂


  44. Brian Frum

    This really is a wonderful book and such a wonderful project!


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