Silver here with our latest Twitter tips. Some folks just don’t get Twitter like we do – this is for you.

Twitter is awesome and fun and we love being there, but, it can get distressing when people share the wrong kinds of information. First and top tip – Tweet Responsibly.

Don’t just share a Twitter post with an ‘angry’ OMG!

Mum came across a post that showed a video of a kitten being hurt. It upset her – so much so that she made a formal complaint. The video was tweeted by some foolish person without any link to an appeal, or a way of protesting about the video’s appearance. It was simply posted with an irresponsible “OMG!” comment.

It brought home to us, powerfully, how important it is to judge what we tweet – not just retweet anything that looks like a ’cause’.  We all follow favourite causes in our timelines – people like @Barbi_Twins, @PetsAreFound, respected animal lovers and veterinarians of note, but we need to be conscious, as well, that our own tweets have impact.

Twitter Tips for Social Media
Tweets have an impact that can go far!

Here’s few Twitter tips to keep our friends safe from distress:-

  1. Only tweet causes you know personally or can immediately verify.  Can’t verify on your ‘phone? Ask a pal if its OK, or, send it home as a message to check on a computer later on.
  2. When in doubt – DON’T TWEET, especially if you do not have time to check out the details.  ‘Heart’ it, so you can find it when you get home.
  3. If you see a video that shows animal abuse you can report the violation here.
  4. Report as Spam then Block anyone who posts abuse videos. It keeps your timeline clear and gives Twitter a heads up to assess if there is a violation of their terms of use.

Let’s look after ourselves and all the Twitter anipals we meet and greet.  Share to get cats homes, but share warnings wisely. Know the sharer, or check the truth, before you share and maybe cause distress.

The final Twitter tip from us?

  • Make sure your Twitter biography is up-to-date and friendly, that way people know who you are, and if you can be trusted. Be a Twitter pal of integrity and strength.

Silver Kitten
Tech Editor
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  1. Avatar for Dash Kitten


    February 5, 2013 at 6:07 pm

    Fortunately, neither my human nor I saw that video – we would have been very upset, especially since there was nothing that could be done about it. It’s so wrong to post things like that without offering a way to help.

    BTW, the blog looks AWESOME! Congratulations!
    Sparkle recently posted…Taxing MondayMy Profile


  2. Avatar for Dash Kitten


    February 5, 2013 at 6:15 pm

    Dash, excellent article about tweeting responsibly about causes. Congratulations on your new blog! It looks wonderful! LOVE the header! I’ll make sure all my friends know about it!


  3. Avatar for Dash Kitten

    d'Artagnan Rumblepurr

    February 5, 2013 at 7:55 pm

    A good post my friend, and I sure love the new blog look!
    d’Artagnan Rumblepurr recently posted…It’s gooooood to be us!My Profile


  4. Avatar for Dash Kitten

    Judy Alvey/Ms. Molly Cat

    February 5, 2013 at 8:07 pm

    Iz like yoo and yoo Mama. Me and mama cant take dose pikchurs or bideos. Mama haz unfrended peepul on Facebook eben wen da folks ment well. Yes, sumfing haz to be dun bout it but Mama wud like to hab da choice ob wedder or not her shud view. Da anipals her knoes allows her dis. Her duz alwayz send healing energees to da poor animals


  5. Avatar for Dash Kitten


    February 5, 2013 at 8:25 pm

    I too opened that link and closed it 2 seconds later as didn’t want to upset huMum … thanks for being brave enough to take it further Dash xxx’s


  6. Avatar for Dash Kitten

    Shiva and Jaya

    February 6, 2013 at 7:05 pm

    This is your elected Purrime Ministerettes going Down Undah.

    As for responsible meowing on da Twitter, we agreeings. Has you informed our Secretary against Anipal Abuse @boriskitty about Twitpic? How dare them do thingie like that to an anipal. Them must be kicked themselves.

    How is weather in Down Undah? We has snow here and no like it at all!

    Shiva and Jaya recently posted…Kyra & Question TimeMy Profile


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