Social Media Buttons

social media buttons

You see them wherever you go, social media buttons that let you know where you can find your buddies, shops or favourite blogs and see catch up on the latest news!  

To get in on the action, here are some quick and easy ways to get your social media savvy kickstarted.

Social Media Buttons – Choose Your Weapons

Engagement‘  or interaction across a range of platforms is important. People need to know where you are! Have your social media buttons at the top of your blog. Also add nice share buttons at the bottom of a post – the aim is to make it easy for readers to share your terrific post. Good use of a button! (For WP users Super Socializer is a versatile option).

Do not try to be everywhere, you will go nuts with the stress and ruin the joy of blogging. Find where your ‘tribe’ hang out and focus on those areas first. You may be a Millennial Snapachat-er or Instagram person, you might be a Facebook or Twitter person, and to round off your trio – Vimeo or YouTube for the growing video market. Use these buttons clearly on your blog.

If you aren’t comfortable on a social media platform, leave it for a few months, then return. No matter how crazy popular it is, if it doesn’t sit comfortably with you – walk away. An example? At the moment we simply cannot get a fix on Pinterest. It is popular, drives traffic to blogs but we are just don’t get it right somehow. Keep Pinterest buttons as part of your sharing armoury – your readers may be major users. 

Limit yourself to three main social media outlets to start with and highlight their buttons on your blog, Why? Facebook alone is an adventure and will create a lot of traffic if you use it properly; boosted posts, special pages and events take time to generate. Twitter now lets bloggers and sellers advertise – you will need to judge how it works and how effective it might be – research that will take time – especially if you incorporate serious work on analytics from Google or Twitter.

Social Media Buttons – Looking Good Tip

Invest in customised or colour coordinated buttons or badges when you have a few £ or $ available. These can be very simple, or a particular colour, elaborate or quirky fun. If you look to the sidebar of our blog, we have three elegantly customised badges created for us by Glogirly Design. They are a perfect fit for our current look, don’t you agree?

Whenever, and wherever YOU are online, let us know!

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13 thoughts on “Social Media Buttons

  1. The Island Cats

    Good tips! We hate when some blogs have many social media buttons…we can’t figure out what’s what.


  2. Ann Staub

    I *think* I am following you mostly everywhere, but will have to double check. I do get lost sometimes following everyone everywhere!


  3. Savannah's Paw Tracks

    I don’t even have a clue how to get all those on my WP free blog….the buttons show up great even on my iPad, pawtastic, Savvy


  4. Melissa

    Social media buttons are always such fun…I just found you on Pinterest too 🙂


  5. Rosie and Cheeto

    Sooooo many different ways to tell the world about how awesome us kittehs are! Thank yoo fur putting them all in easy buttons.


  6. The Swiss Cats

    Very cool buttons ! We can follow you and share your posts everywhere ! Purrs


  7. Glogirly & Katie

    COOL!!! Very schnazzy!!!
    : )


    1. Harvey Button

      You think so Miss Katie * anxious look * We are going to rethink the blog….


  8. carma Poodale

    Well How bout that! I am following you on Pinterest now. Those are some cool buttons. Now I can stalk opps follow you everywhere! BOL!


  9. Sparkle

    There are so many social media plugins! My human’s eyes glaze over, trying to figure out which are the best ones.


  10. Brian

    Those are darn cool buttons!


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