Give Yourself Confidence Step out in Style!

Anipal Confidence, it’s what keep us going when things get tough. Hi guys, Silver here with some quick tips on keeping that confidence in tip-top shape so we walk with our heads held up high, and a firm and confident paw step.

Believe in YOU the Cat (or ferret, person or dog)

Grab a pencil and some paper – think hard – what is cool and good about you? Are you a pal to one particular person in need? You got a cute little nose? Do you RT the NYC Kill list for Nerissa? Do you have shiny fur your mum loves to stroke? Ask your pals for things about you they really like about you.  Then, with these +++ points on a list – walk tall and be awesome!

confidence online Be Kind, with Confidence

Our post here questions what kindness is. Be kind to yourself, and to others. It’s free, and you can make someone’s day with a kind gesture.

Be your own Best Friend

Push that little voice of doubt out the window into the cold.  OK, imagine this is a friend you are talking to – what do you say? Tell them they look great, you like their fur-style, that cat collar looks good? Look in the mirror and tell yourself you are amazing, because you are.

Fake it like a Film Star with Total Confidence

Self-confident pals (and people) are great role models – watch them! Meow quietly, hold up that head and make eye contact, have a confident and firm pawshake. Before long you will be stepping out with confidence because you know you can make it real!

Imagine walking the Red Carpet

Imagining something (sometimes it’s called visualisation) can be powerful. Before you enter the living room; or if you have family visiting, before stepping into the busy crowd :- imagine yourself on the famous Red Carpet at the Golden Globes, people will be adoring your elegance, your beauty, your charm, and everyone will want a precious piece of your cat time in this glittering throng, and you are going to enjoy every last second!

Walk tall, be strong – you are unique and special – every one of you!

Silver Kitten
Confidence Coach

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5 thoughts on “Give Yourself Confidence Step out in Style!

  1. meowmeowmans

    GREAT list, Silver! Hey, we can all use a shot of self-confidence every so often, right? 🙂

    Thank you, and big hugs!


  2. Sparkle

    Oh, I totally have NO problem with my self-confidence, Silver! My human needs some work though, MOL!


  3. Nerissa's Life

    Thanks so very much for this post today, Silver. I REALLY NEEDED it a lot. Overheard a conversation last night that sort of had me down but after reading your post, I feel so much better already. THANK YOU.

    Love & purrs,


  4. Brian

    Hooray for stepping out of the comfort zone!


  5. The Swiss Cats

    Great tips to keep and grow your self-esteem ! Purrs


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