Hi Guys Welcome to #FF Family Friday! Today we introduce one of my favourite places where we feel like family – NipClub. Not sure what ‘NipClub’ is? Nervous about joining in? Read our interview with @ShaynaCat regular Nipclub DJ and organiser……….

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Q. NipClub  is a fun and lively part of Twitter life for many anipals, but for those new to Twitter and social media can you explain what NipClub is?

A. NipClub is an online nightclub for anipals, open on Twitter every Thursday night and for 24 hours on the second weekend of every month. It gets its name from catnip because the original members were all pawty-loving kitties, but we have lots of doggies and other species, too, including bunnies, teddy-bears and some very lively ferrets!

We offer lots of spectacular (virtual) noms and drinks from our team of excellent barktenders, as well as great music from our DJs and a host of adventures, fun, high-jinks and games for anyone who wants to take part in them. Most of all, though, we provide a place for folks to hang out with their friends and make some new ones.We use our entertainments as a way of raising funds for small no-kill animal shelters with little other income.

Everything at NipClub is free, but we have links to our current charity’s fundraiser page and even a very small donation from those who can make one goes a long way!

Q. NipClub has staff, can you explain who they are to our ‘newbie friend’?

A. The staff our newbie friend will mainly come into contact with are our DJs, who play a wide range of music to dance to, and our barktenders, who will be happy to show them a Menu and provide their choice of noms and drinks.

At our monthly weekend pawty our newbie friend will also see some quizzers, who will be offering prizes to entrants who send them a DM, and entertainment leaders, who will guide them through various high jinks and escapades they may want to take part in.

We also have a lot more staff behind the scenes who make pals a special themed avatar to wear, devise the games and entertainments, organize barktending and DJ shifts, etc, and a PR Team who do a wonderful job of making sure pals know about what’s happening. All are volunteers, and their hard work and dedication are amazing!

Q. How long is an average NipClub weekly pawty. (If you can add a European and Asian time this would help I am not 100% sure)

A. Our weekly pawties start every Thursday at 4pm Eastern US time (that’s 9pm on Thursday in the UK, 8am on Friday in Sydney, Australia and 10am on Friday in Auckland, New Zealand) and last for 9 hours to give as many pals as possible a chance to come hang out with us and have some fun.

If you have your account protected, it’s a good idea to unprotect it while you’re at NipClub (or using any other hashtag #) because otherwise even your friends can’t see you! You can always protect it again afterwards.

Q. How does a new visitor get involved in a Nipclub pawty. We all know how hard it is to enter a room full of folks on our own!

A. Oh, absolutely! That’s why it’s one of our barktenders’ special responsibilities to welcome newbies, introduce them to some regulars and help to make them feel at home.

All a newbie has to do is ask for a drink (if they haven’t seen a Menu yet and don’t know what to ask for, a niptini is always a good choice) and add that it’s their first time at NipClub, and the barktender will take it from there. No-one ever needs be on their own at NipClub!

Q. NipClub Monthly runs for a longer time frame and is central to the fund raising side of this busy group. Are there opportunities for newbies to help?

A. The most important things a newbie can do to help NipClub are to tweet our charity link from time to time, and join in the fun! Our Entertainment Team works very hard to set up our high-jinks and games, and everyone who joins in with enthusiasm is helping to build the atmosphere of fun and generosity that we hope will encourage people to donate.

Once people have some experience in attending NipClub pawties and have got the feel of the atmosphere, a lot of them want to do something more to help. The Team Leaders are listed at pawties.nipclub.com if people want to approach them directly, but it’s also fine to talk to one of the barktenders or DJs, or to me, if they prefer. Anyone who’s a bit shy about asking can always mention it to any of their NipClub pals, who will quickly pass the message on.

Q. NipClub is becoming renowned for its superb range of themed pawties. what an inspiration! How does a new pal get in touch for Fancy Dress help?

A. We have a terrific tailoring department who just LOVE dressing pals! The Graphics Team Leader is @RealFakeGator, and all pals have to do is tweet him or one of his team.

They’re all listed in the page of sample outfits which is published at pawty.nipclub.com each month, so all anyone has to do is choose one and tweet their request to the outfitter whose name appears beside it.

They’ll need to supply a head-shot for the outfitter to work with, of course, but the good news is that they keep head-shots on file so pals don’t need to send a new one every time.

There’s no obligation for anyone to dress up if they don’t want to, of course, but most find it’s a lot of fun and adds greatly to the atmosphere and enjoyment of the occasion.

Q. NipClub has DJ’s how does a newbie listen to the music. (It might sound silly but to those unfamiliar with the concept of listening online it might be new)

A. I’m glad you asked that question, because for my first few weeks at NipClub I just didn’t grasp the way it worked at all!

What happens is, the DJ will tweet an introduction to a song along with a link which will probably say Grooveshark or TinySong. Either way, clicking the link will resolve to a Grooveshark page where the song will start to play, and all the audience has to do is turn up the speakers or plug in their headphones and enjoy it while they carry on tweeting on the NipClub timeline!

By the way, if anyone particularly enjoys a song it’s always very much appreciated if they tweet the DJ and say so. DJs put a lot of work into preparing sets, and love it when the audience responds.

Q. Is there anything new happening at NipClub?

A. Yes, we have some exciting news – we’re adding a Bazaar to the site, and it’s opening on Black Friday! It’s strictly for NipClub staff and patrons who run businesses, and anyone who pawties with us or helps in any way can apply for a listing.

Because non-NipClubbers abused our hashtag last year we decided not to run it this time, but our members were so disappointed because they’d loved it last year that we’ve tried hard to find a way to do it that outsiders can’t abuse, and we think we’ve managed to do that. (

There will be a blog post here very shortly explaining how it’s going to work and what pals can (and can’t) do with it, and we hope it will prove very popular.

Q. Anything you would like new NipClubbers to know?

You know that TV bar “where everybody knows your name”? Well, that pretty much sums up NipClub – a place where you can always rely on a warm welcome. We’re a friendly bunch of critters, and we love to make folks feel at home, so just do a Twitter search for the #NipClub hashtag and come pawty with us! Now you know who NipClub is, head on over there! See you at the pawty!

Thanks Shayna, OK Guys, see you this Thursday evening US time for #NipClub to mix and mingle * raises Niptini glass *

DashKitten.com Miranda Kitten Blogger

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  1. Cathy Keisha

    November 23, 2013 at 3:32 pm

    Glad innerview with Shayna. Yes, we’re a friendly group and yes, the DJs like to be complmented. I hope to make some new furrends soon.
    Cathy Keisha recently posted…Are You A Ghetto Cat?My Profile


  2. meowmeowmans

    November 23, 2013 at 8:35 am

    NipClub is pawsome! It’s such a great place to gather with anipals, and all for a great cause. Thank you for this interview!
    meowmeowmans recently posted…Photobomb Friday 🙂My Profile


  3. Texas, a cat in... Austin

    November 23, 2013 at 5:20 am

    Thanks for this interview! I had heard of the Nip Club but didn’t know the details. It sounds fantastic!
    Texas, a cat in… Austin recently posted…Dream Pillow and Shelter Cat Dolls + a Giveaway!My Profile


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