Cat World Domination Day with Harvey

Harvey here, celebrating Cat World Domination Day with our friend and colleague Summer at Sparklecat.

Cat World Domination 2017 Badge

Cats Rule the World,  Sparkle Taught Us

June 24th is Sparkle’s birthday, and it was Sparkle who mentored Dash. She made sure he took first steps into the cat blogging world with confidence, way back in 2013. We remain in Sparkle’s debt for her, and Summer’s, generous support of our blog, and their valuable encouragement on our important posts. 

Every post is different at Sparklecat, and this is so inspiring for us at Dash Kitten! We laugh at the mischief Binga causes while Summer is doing her best to work hard, (even though we really shouldn’t), and we gasp at the amazing amount of fur that Boodie manages to generate when she has a spa day! 

Cat World Domination Day with Summer at Sparklecat. A favourite picture of ours.

Cat World Domination Day with Summer at Sparklecat – Blogpaws 2017. A favourite picture of ours.

Speak Up! Cat Issues Are Important!

Sparkle taught us that we should stand up for what we believe in, and speak out on issues that concern us. There are a couple of upcoming posts you might look out for, concerning cat health, here on the blog…….

  • My thyroid and kidney news. I am a senior and issues have recently been discovered, but, I am still being assessed and feel in good shape.
  • Our upcoming post on an important cat carers conference here in Wellington. A host of rescue professionals and experienced cat carers attended – it was inspiring.

Cats are magic!

Cat World Domination Day (and cat blogs) encourage us to celebrates good things too!

Summer gives us regular reports on her Therapy Cat work. We have learned that cats have a vital part to play in the recovery of ill humans. These reports are inspiring to read. Summer also shares what a Therapy Cat needs to succeed.

We interviewed some Therapy Cats previously on the blog, including celebrity Yanni. Summer is telling us – Big Time – that cats matter. and Cat World Domination is REAL! The world is a richer place for the presence of cats (OK and dogs too… maybe…)

Cat World Domination Day

Cat World Domination Day. Happy Birthday Sparkle.

So join us on celebrating Cat World Domination Day.

Happy Cat World Domination Day
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  1. An excellent post, and Cat World Domination Day should be a global day of celebration, they deserve it for all the good they bring to so many lives. Happy belated birthday to Sparkle and Summer and her awesome mum.
    Purrs, ERin
    erin the Cat (Princess) recently posted…Push and pull!My Profile