Pet Book Shopping with Dixie Hemingway

cat sitter and the canary Blaize Clement

Pet Shopping with Dixie Hemingway indeed! One of our Twitter friends did a review of a Dixie Hemingway book for a book club discussion on Twitter, and was so enthusiastic that we had to check them out.

Who?  What? Dixie Hemingway? Blaize Clement????????

Who is Dixie Hemingway?

We checked further on author Blaize Clement, and the Dixie Hemingway mysteries. It turns out that Ms Clement passed away in 2011, but her books are beloved by so many that her son, John Clement, is carrying on the series, which is now at 11 books. This is one popular series. You can find the books on Amazon Smile here, and the first book here as a paperback or hardback copy. 

Pet Book Shopping with Dixie Hemingway

We have been reading, and loving Dixie – in two formats! It seems that Kobo (I have a Kobo Glo e-reader) have the first four books, not the rest, so we have to order the rest as printed books from America. As we love them, this is no hardship!

Why do we love the Dixie Hemingway Books?

Well, they are an escape into another world for us, the heat and exotic climate of Florida, the amazing location on a set of islands off the mainland of Florida. The fact Dixie loves and cares for animals and can’t seem to keep her out of trouble!

Dixie has been threatened, kidnapped, and swept of her feet, but can fearlessly brandish a gun. She meets strange, quirky and wild people, who are as deftly described as the pets she cares for. We really feel the tropical weather and it’ almost like visiting Siesta Key itself. You enter another world the moment you open a Dixie Hemingway book.

The stories don’t dwell on blood and gore, they offer a gentler approach, and there are times when you need that, not the hopelessness of ‘reality tv’ and blood soaked murder mysteries.

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Finally, Mum and I have found that in each book, there is a nugget of truth that we can relate to. Maybe about love, or friendship or being true to yourself.  We will be re-reading the ebooks and printed books more than once, to enter the exotic world of a pet sitter, one I think I would like to look after me when Mum goes away!

Finally, we made an amazing discovery! You can travel Midnight Pass Road, with Dixie Hemingway. Really you can! Check it out here.

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20 thoughts on “Pet Book Shopping with Dixie Hemingway

  1. Jenna Hughson

    I love any books that have pets in them! haha!


  2. Robin

    These books sound like a lot of fun! I love that Dixie Hemingway’s son chose to continue the series for her. That is really beautiful. I’m sure that his mother is smiling on him from Heaven. Florida is a nice setting. My family lives there! The weather is really beautiful most of the time.


    1. Dash Kitten

      We were worried it wouldn’t ‘work’ if the series continued in other hands but, it does, and we are happy to read Mr Clements books in the series.


  3. Sweet Purrfections

    Another book to add to Mom Paula’s list to read after she retires.


  4. Tonya Wilhelm

    What a fun book! I wish I gave myself more time to read things that didn’t provide me information. LOL I seem to “only have time” if I feel I will be educated. That’s boring! This sounds like a great read.


  5. Cathy Armato

    These sound like run adventures! Interesting that her name is Hemingway and it takes place in the Florida keys. Ernest Hemingway was known for his love of the Florida Keys…. coincidence?
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them


  6. Beth

    It sounds like a wonderful series! I think it is great that her son is continuing the series.


  7. Lola The Rescued Cat

    Great review, Miranda! Mom is looking for a book to read, and I think this may be it!


  8. Sarcastic Dog

    What a lovely review of the series! You have sparked my curiosity and with my niece’s birthday coming up next month, these sounds like a perfect gift. She LOVES animals and mysteries and this sounds like the perfect combination!


  9. The Daily Pip

    Always lovely when you can get swept up in a book and leave real life behind for a few hours. Dixie Hemingway sounds like a wonderful, colorful character. Also, nice that the author’s son has taken over where she left off.


  10. Tenacious Little Terrier

    I like cozy mysteries and escaping into the heat and sun of Florida sounds glorious right about now!


  11. Jana Rade

    These make me wish I had kids or at least cats 🙂


  12. Nichole

    Those. Sound like some fantastic books! Check our the one were giving away on the blog!


  13. M. K. Clinton

    This sounds like a great series. It is awesome that her son is carrying on the storyline!


  14. Anita Aurit

    I am a fan girl of cozy mysteries and also working on my own cozy cat mystery featuring two felines who bear an uncanny resemblance to two of our Tribe of Five. I love reading other authors in my genre, it inspires me and encourages me. Thanks for sharing this revue, I have more good books on my reading list!


  15. Sonja

    some fun reading on the plane! that’s what that is. Thanks for sharing.


  16. Carleen

    I love it when authors do pet theme books. I will check these out!


  17. Debbie

    Sounds like such a great read. I also really appreciate when a book has an relevant underlying theme or a moral lesson wrapped into them. Thanks for sharing!


  18. Hindy Pearson

    Sounds like some nice light reading on a relaxing day, chilling on the couch. I tend to read heavy thrillers full of blood, guts and intrigue. Perhaps it’s time I tried a different genre? Thanks for sharing.


  19. Timmy Tomcat

    These sound very nice,. We are always looking for nice stories that Dad can read to us.


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