Middle Earth Earthquake Monday View of Thorndon Suburb

Wellinton, New Zealand, Thorndon

Wellinton, New Zealand, Thorndon
Earthquake Update  on Sunday 22nd of July a violent earthquake shook Wellington, and was felt up our valley! Details are at the linky – holy moly it was scary!

Wellington is divided into suburbs, you can think of them a bit like boroughs in New York City. Wellington is also built on a series of slow rolling hills, so the houses often climb up the hills in search of a good view, you can see how the houses rise into the distance.

This picture shows a glimpse of Thorndon, from the heights of the Botanical Gardens. Thorndon is an inner city suburb that combines Government, Business and residential houses like these making it a real mix. Wellington is large enough to pack a punch but small enough to retain a certain relaxed friendliness wherever you go.

9 thoughts on “Middle Earth Earthquake Monday View of Thorndon Suburb

  1. Swami Zoe

    Glad you are safe from that scary earthquake! Nice to meet you too. Me-Ommmmm


  2. Thomas Archer @PuppyNumber7

    Nan says thanks very much Aunty – she loves to see how Wellington is looking nowadays. She lived there when she was younger. Hope the shakies calm down soon *soft paw*


  3. mollie and alfie

    We were going to move to New Zealand when I was little. Love the house. Hope everybody stays safe xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie


  4. Glogirly & Katie

    We hope everyone is ok from the earthquake!
    Glogirly was in a very bad one when she was a little girl in California. She said it was VERY scary! They even had to evacuate their house because a nearby dam was badly damaged and about to break.



  5. Julia Williams

    Pretty soon they will run out of hill, and then the house at the top will be king of the hill with the best view.


  6. CATachresis

    Interesting looking houses!!


  7. Nerissa's Life

    It looks really pretty. purrs


  8. Texas, a cat in New York

    It seems like a nice place =^.^=


  9. Katie Isabella

    MY son just came back from New Zealand again. We have friends, Auckland, who have been gracious hosts both visits and the visits have been returned here in the U.S. This trip of 4 weeks he just came back from took in the South Island primarily and of course Auckland in the North Island. He went to Australia twice while there to visit a friend and back to NZ. Last time in 2009 he did get to Wellington as well as his base in Auckland. I think the trip would kill me if I attempted it. Very rigorous insofar as time spent in flights and layovers is concerned– notwithstanding the international timeline! 🙂



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