Celebrating Vet Techs Wordless Wednesday

Thank You Graphic Dash Kitten

At a time when the cat and media worlds are in uproar about Kristen Lindsey getting away with killing Tiger the Cat, I want to pay tribute to our own local vet tech who is an awesome young lady.

She is kind, and always helpful and like many vet techs, always there for pet parents. The techs who stand by a vet’s side as they work, who smile across the counter at you – they matter a lot!

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14 thoughts on “Celebrating Vet Techs Wordless Wednesday

  1. Seville at Nerissa's Life

    We have some super great nurses at our hospital, too. In fact, when Andy – aka Sir Fartsalot – had to get a lion cut ’cause his usual bum wash and trim just wasn’t gonna cut it (no pun intended), it was a nurse who ended up doin’ it, ’cause you know, the groomer happens to be allergic to cats. MOUSES! But the nurse did a super-duper job and Andy looked real spiffy afterwards.



  2. Savannah's Paw Tracks

    our vet techs in our vet office are great and at the all volunteer SNIP clinic they are super duper too!


  3. Debra

    The vet techs – they are great people. I love them!


  4. Deziz World

    We don’t have any techs ’round here worth honorin’, but we’re glad there are some in da world.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena


  5. erin the Cat (Princess)

    Absolutely, they make things a bit easier to cope with, especially when there is a problem. paws up for all the staff who do such great work.


  6. Annie

    It is so very sad about Tiger. It’s so nice to hear about good, kind and caring vet techs and animal lovers.

    Pierrot says, “Yo!” to Harvey. How amazing that both of Harvey’s ears are tipped and he’s also all white! We often get questions on why both of Pierrot’s ears are tipped. It’s a mystery.


  7. The Swiss Cats

    Paws up for all the good vet techs ! Purrs


  8. FiveSibesMom

    I’m so thankful for our amazing team of Vet Techs, and for all wonderful, caring LVTs out there who tend to so many of our animals.


  9. Flynn

    The vet techs do a wonderful job. I am sad that Tiger’s murderer has as good as got away with her crime. I hope she is now unemployable as surely no-one would take their pets to her.


  10. mommakatandherbearcat

    We love our vet techs too – they make the world go ’round in most vet’s offices!


  11. meowmeowmans

    We are sad and mad about that cat killer getting off so easily. Thank goodness for our wonderful vet techs … they are kind and caring, and we love them lots!


  12. Summer

    My human is very unhappy that that criminally cruel person is being allowed to get anywhere near animals. 🙁 Paws up for the good humans who work in veterinary hospitals.


  13. Brian Frum

    Well, our Vet Techs are super special and thank you for honoring yours!


  14. Robin

    It is so sad that Tiger’s death is getting so little justice. Just another reason to hold our kitties tight and be thankful for what we have. I’m very thankful for the great vet techs out there! They make it so much easier to keep our kitties healthy and happy.


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