Let’s Show Everyone We Are #PurrfectTogether for Happy Healthy Cat Month

MeowMix Happy Healthy Cat Month

Phoebe : Happy Healthy Cat Month to all our feline buddies! September is nearly here and it’s time to show the world that we cats and humans are all PurrfectTogether! We have coupons, and Moewsterpieces to create, and boy will we all be ………

Silver : Wait! …… What happened to August, Phoebe???? *Looks at the calendar in amazement….*

Phoebe: Keep up Silver! I was reading over Mum’s shoulder as she chatted to the Meow Mix people. Do you remember the fun we had last year with all those mini movies folks sent to Meow Mix? Mum was in fits of giggles at some of the winners.

Well, for Happy Healthy Cat Month the Meow Mix people have come up with a super cute infographic that really brings home just how #PurrfectTogether us cats and our humans can be. Here, take a look at this……

Meow Mix Infographic

Discoveries for Happy Healthy Cat Month!

Phoebe: Meow Mix discovered that 83% of people snuggle with their cats for a nap. That means there’s a lot of cuddling going on!

Silver: But …………. that also means 17% don’t! Wow, those must be really sad people missing a good snuggle eh 😉

Phoebe: My favourite bit of the infographic is that 80% of people can interpret our meows! This has to be good news because it means we get treats faster, in spite of the language barrier.

You know, Silver, when we get ‘Meow into Google Translate, training humans will be so much easier! But, for now, it is great to know that 72% of our human’s love to make a real effort and surprise us with special treats.  Meow Mix also told Mum that 55% of the survey loved chicken-flavoured treats in particular!

Silver: Now that has to be a tasty statistic for sure *yum*.


Phoebe: Aaaaaahhhh…  *moves papers on Mum’s desk* Here’s where it gets interesting….  Meow Mix have just released a brand new, cool cat culinary-inspired food, made with real chicken or salmon! They call them Bistro Recipes.  These notes say that readers heading to the custom-made Meow Mix portal here can grab a coupon for $2.50 off any bag of Meow Mix Bistro Recipes!

…. and there’s more fun to be had. Check out the picture of Mum and Peanut! 

Happy Healthy Cat Month

Create Your Own Bistro Recipes ‘Meowsterpiece’ to celebrate Happy Healthy Cat Month

Phoebe: You know the best part about Happy Healthy Cat Month? Well, apart from the promise of new Bistro Recipes? If you go to the Purrfect Together portal you can convert your very own human and cat portrait to make a special work of art, and you can download it, or even order a canvas print! You choose a frame, a painting effect, and it is amazing fun.  This is something our readers MUST try, and you can grab the coupon as you go by.

Step 1 Head to the Purrfect Together magical portal
Step 2 Grab your coupon (USA folks!)
Step 3 Scroll down to the magical Portrait maker and start to create.
Step 4 Sit back, munching your Bistro Recipes, and admire your Meowsterpiece, maybe order your delectable canvas portrait copy too! TaDaaaaaaa!

OK Guys, off you go, have fun, and have a happy healthy cat month.

Disclaimer :- We received recompense in the form of Kitty Kibble and toys for our promotion. This has been donated to a small hard working 501 (3) rescue in the USA. Meowmix were happy to do this for us,  and they are pawsome people to work with.

Phoebe Kitten
Phoebe from Dash Kitten







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39 thoughts on “Let’s Show Everyone We Are #PurrfectTogether for Happy Healthy Cat Month

  1. Diana

    The pictures are so cute, the sketcher is so beautiful and it is a good idea. I will use this app for me and my kitten. Thank you for sharing the post, I appreciate. This app will help me and my kitten have good memories.


  2. Monica Dingess

    These pics are so sweet!! I’d love to create a big picture consisting of many small photos of me and my furry family some day. I’m not good at art but I’ll try. Thanks for sharing this great idea!


  3. David

    YAY, I agree with other comments your sketch is really lovely. The post is also cute and informative. Thanks a lot for sharing. Have a healthy month. Cheers 🙂


  4. Savannah's Paw Tracks

    Such a lovely portrait of Mum and Peanut


  5. Anne

    Beautiful sketch! It really shows the special bond between you!


  6. Katie J. Ewing

    Thank you for this post. Suddenly I remember my kittens when I was a child. They were so lovely and I was very happy with them.


  7. Noodle

    A great big Noodle Kitty Kiss to Meow Mix!
    Happy Healthy Cat Month…

    Noodle and crew


  8. Cathy Armato

    So sweet of you to share this nutritious food with your local shelter!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them


  9. Talent Hounds

    Happy Healthy Cat Month. How great that the rescue received a generous donation from your promotion with Meow Mix- those cats will be a lot happier and healthier . Such a win win. Love the infographic


  10. Spencer the Goldendoodle

    I love your masterpiece! Looks like so much fun!


  11. Pawesome Cats

    Wishing you and your fur-family a Happy, Happy Healthy Cat Month. I love that sketch of you – it’s wonderful.


  12. Valerie Desmet

    I love your infographic, it’s so adorable!! Pets are family and make our lives better in so many ways!!


  13. Tami

    Awww, love the meowsterpiece idea, so much fun!! Thanks for sharing!!


  14. FiveSibesMom

    A Meowsterpiece, I love it! And I love your sketch!


  15. Rebecca at MattieDog

    Great donation – bless your heart! I’m sure everyone will appreciate your kindness. This was a truly enjoyable read – great info, great heart!


  16. Ruth Epstein

    I used to give my cats in Israel Meow Mix – they loved it. What a great idea to do the portrait and wish I still had a cat to do it with 🙂


  17. Alison Reder

    Oh my gosh! I love this post. Makes me really miss having kitties in the house. I wonder if there is a dog-equivalent app because I would love a sketch like that of me and the dogs.


  18. Tenacious Little Terrier

    That’s a lovely sketch! It’s great you were able to help out a shelter.


  19. Sherri

    I will try this portrait option. And hey if it means people on a budget can still feed their pets then food from large companies (at a lower price point) works.


    1. Dash Kitten

      We agree! Rather a loved pet on a budget than no pet at all!


  20. Sonja

    It’s nice to see a large corporation give back like that. kudos.


  21. Maureen

    Oh, I love the sketches that were made. What a great idea. It’s wonderful that Meow Mix is helping out the shelter!


  22. Seville at Nerissa's Life

    I LOVE that portrait. BEAUTIFUL. purrs



  23. Nichole

    Happy Hearly Cat Month to you all from the Lapdogs!


  24. Tonya Wilhelm

    Those are some sweet comments and stats. My cat HAS to lay right on my chest, practically my face at night. He purrs nonstop. Love it!


  25. meowmeowmans

    We agree … where did August go?! Such a fun post, gang. How awesome to have a whole month dedicated to us kitties being healthy and happy! 🙂


  26. Three Chatty Cats

    What a great Meowsterpiece you’ve created!


  27. Beth Patterson

    I am sure the cats in the shelter appreciate the donation! My kids tell our cat secrets, and he’s great at keeping them. My dog claimed my lap once we brought her home, so I rarely get to have my cat around, but he still cuddles with the rest of the family.


  28. Lily

    Love that Meow Mix is helping the shelter kittehs at @AvertingCAT1 ! Thanks for sharing this Dash! *high paw*


  29. The Swiss Cats

    What a wonderful sketch ! Purrs


    1. Dash Kitten

      It’s the magical app guys! Did it all for us!


  30. Brian Frum

    That sketch is most wonderful and so was your fun post!


  31. The Island Cats

    That’s a great sketch of you and Peanut. And it’s nice us cats are gonna have a whole month devoted to us to be healthy.


  32. Sweet Purrfections

    We love the sketch of the two of you. We can’t believe September will be here this week!


  33. Sometimes Cats Herd You

    We love the sketch of the two of you!


  34. Summer

    I can’t believe it’s already almost September! Of course, we are pretty much happy and healthy all year long!


    1. Dash Kitten

      I know and Mum is already muttering Christmas……!


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