Meet The Internet’s Most Fashionable Cat

Coco the Couture Cat models an handmade hat

The most fashionable cat ever? We have a candidate for the title and we know you will agree that few felines worldwide have made the same impact as gorgeous Coco the Couture Cat, who Mum was thrilled to meet at BlogPaws®.

An elegant fashionista who is gracious to her courtiers, Coco never less than superbly dressed in a constantly changing array of exquisite garments. So it is with great excitement that we were able to arrange a post-Blogpaws interview to the cool cat who was always the calm centre of attention on her public appearances, even amongst the busy crowds at Blogpaws.

Hello Coco, may we welcome the blogosphere’s most fashionable cat to Dash Kitten……..

Where in the world does the cat blogosphere’s most fashionable cat live?

In my dreams, I have a Tiny House at the Beach, a Tiny House in the Desert and a Tiny House in the mountains… but my current residence isn’t too shabby, as I live on a lake and have some pretty nice roommates, too!

You obviously love fashion, do you have favourite couturiers who design your clothes?

Oh, I do love fashion and get lots of complements on my style and how I can be a casual cat in batik sundresses and then rock the red carpet in sequins and lace at night! I especially love my Lola Tiegland gowns, as she supports animal rescue in a big way with her fashions, and my Roni Goldberg hats, as they are so whimsical. I list some of my favorite designers on my website here.

fashionable cat Coco wearing her Valentine's Day costume,

What inspired your best-selling book ‘Coco The Couture Cat’?

Well, I was the inspiration for the fab photographer, Paul Nathan. He had written about about dogs in Couture and was just blown away by seeing me at a doggie wedding and well, the rest is history! I like the idea of being a rich kitty from Paris, too and use that theme for many of my ensembles.

For any aspiring cat model – your top tips on training your staff so you both have a great time in public?

First thing to remember…It’s all about you! You’re the one who should be the center of attention, so I recommend having your personal assistant dress in understated outfits, to stop for the pawpawrazzi even if they were really headed to the ladies room, and above all, reward you with treats for being so accommodating!

Coco the couture cat in a flaming red costume

What are the joys and challenges of being a fashionable cat?

The joys? 5 star resorts, gourmet meals I don’t have to share, sleeping in under floofy duvets, and lots of fishy flakes after posing for pictures! The challenges? My personal assistants lack of patience during photo shoots, travel-sized litter boxes and hats…yes, I get a kind of frowny face when I wear them but also know that it’s ‘All About Accessories, Dah-ling‘ and know hats often make the biggest fashion statement!

How do people respond when they see you so beautifully dressed? Do you get lots of similar questions about your clothes?

I love hearing all the oohs and ahhs from people who meet me! The most common comment is ‘My cat would never allow me to dress them up’ and my personal assistant tells them that I am most accepting of anything she asks of me, but that she is also very aware of my needs and tries to keep my stress level at public appearances to a minimum. But as she tells everyone, I imagine myself to be Cleopatra in her barge, being ferried around by my servants when Teri takes my out in my Pink Catillac!

Would you suggest some links to favourite posts for our readers to discover more about you?

Well, my blog is all about me, and if I had to pick my favorites, I would have to include one that tells of one of my BlogPaws conference experiences, one that shows me ‘au naturaleas a kitten (that was my most visited post) and one that just Wows, with me in some of my fabulous wigs!

Coco the Couture Cat

Interviewed by Miranda Kitten
for Dash Kitten

Miranda belongs in the Sewing Room!

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12 thoughts on “Meet The Internet’s Most Fashionable Cat

  1. Kristine

    Hehehe that cat dresses better than I do! There’s just no way I could spend so much time on color coordinating and accessorizing. I’m terrible with fashion (and I do think my kitties believe so too!)


  2. Lisa Bishop

    Wish I could have such a fashion sense! Coco is beautiful.


  3. Savannah's Paw Tracks

    Coco is one laid back cat for sure.


  4. Carol Bryant

    We love Teri and Coco and hands and paws down, this cat sets the meow high. She is the most fashionable cat online!


  5. Seville at Nerissa's Life

    Hello Coco! You are a real fashionista, for sure. PURRS.


    PS. Any tips on training staff that are untrainable? Staff like my peeps? They’re pretty much untrainable, for sure. MOUSES!


  6. Glogirly

    Coco is a feline fashion inspiration! We just love her (and Teri’s!) style. We have to admit, we’d never seen baby-Coco before. Squeeeee! What a darling.


  7. Sometimes Cats Herd You

    This is pawesome! The head peep met Coco and was so impressed by her poise around unfamiliar humans She’s really one of a kind!


  8. The Swiss Cats

    Coco is amazing ! What a pawsome interview, Miranda, we enjoyed learning more about the famous Coco ! Purrs


  9. Coco, the Couture Cat

    Paw Waves from Coco, who thanks you for such a fun and fab interview experience! We love the photos you picked and how you really wanted to know what Coco thinks…you know she is more than just a pretty face, too!


  10. Summer

    I admire Coco so much! Especially after BlogPaws – I wore couture outfits for the banquets, and it was actually kind of hard trying to look good and be ladylike! And I didn’t even have to wear a hat like Coco sometimes does. I love wearing dresses but I have to say, I’m a little too antsy (my human says ADHD) to match Coco’s poise and style.


  11. da tabbies o trout towne

    Oh my stars, Coco you look FABulous ! It’s very nice to meet you. You look simply stunning in photo two. We all enjoyed your interview, and thanks to you Miranda for sharing it ~~~~~~~ hugs from Dai$y =^..*=


  12. Brian Frum

    Coco really is such a sweetie too!


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